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Author’s Note: Charged with the task of writing a vignette shipping Fry and Leela, I admittedly had a lot of trouble despite the fact that I really like the two as a couple. Anyway, this was the result.

Radiation Can Do This, You Know

“According to the Professor,” Leela said, switching off her headset. “The radiation from the explosion at Morpheus 9 may have caused us to have temporary telepathic abilities.”

“Well, why don’t you tell us how you really feel?” Fry asked, hunching his shoulders and looking irritable.

Leela might have said, Shut up, Fry, at this point, but she didn’t have to.

“Whats going on?” Bender asked from the vicinity of the floor.

“We can read each other’s minds and it’s causing social problems,” Leela explained, slouching in her chair and looking gloomy.

“Why can’t I do that?”

“Because the radiation just melted you.”


“Aha!” Fry said, standing up theatrically. “So it was you who threw out my pickleoni sandwich last week. You know, they only made so many of those before they went off the market.”

“Why’d they take ‘em off?” asked Bender from his blob-like state on the floor.

“Caused hallucinations,” Fry said off-handedly.

“It was covered in mold,” Leela insisted. “And anyway, Fry,” she said, crossing her arms. “You could at least try not to read my mind. Here I am, respecting your privacy, while you’re rooting through my mind like Zoidberg in a dumpster he smells used tissues in.” She paused. “And I’m not, so you can just stop thinking that.”

There was a sulky silence, broken only by Bender’s warbled efforts to whistle through a halfway melted vocal unit. Leela concentrated on driving and Fry concentrated on his shoes.

Suddenly, Leela turned to Fry with a suspicious expression on her face; accidentally running over a raccoon sized planet that’s gravitational pull moved it across her path.

“Are you just thinking that to make me feel sorry for you?” she asked.

Fry squirmed and tried to shift his thoughts to the other side of his head for better cover.

“Whats going on?” Bender asked again.

“Awww,” Leela said. “I’m sorry Fry. I never knew you felt that way.”

Fry desperately tried to block his thoughts. Think about tomatoes, his brain screamed. There’s nothing remotely suspicious about tomatoes.

“Don’t worry. Your secret’s safe with me.” Leela said, tapping her brow.

“Hey! You can’t leave Bender out of the loop! I’ll kill you both once I solidify!”


Author’s Note: For anyone that asks, pickeleoni is a yet to be created hybrid of pickles and pepperonis. It is the lunch meat of the future! Too bad about all those recalls.

Hey, guys… My first fic here, but don’t think that means you have to be nice. I love all reviews, even flames, mostly because flames are usually true, if they’re about the writing style. So, eh, yep. This is sort of a song fic, but not really. Well, it incorperates the song ‘Hey There Delilah’, but in this fic it’s ‘Hey there Leela’, because Fry writes it. Not as corny as it sounds, at least I don’t think so…

(hopefully) happy reading,


p.s- oh, almost forgot, there isn’t any Bender Fry slash in this, even though some of those stories are pretty good… If it seems strange to you, just remember I’m trying to go for a strong friendship bond, and almost an implied parental figure… You’ll just have to read. He he…

Inside Robo Apartments, a bending unit was mumbling in his sleep as he usually did. Kill all humans…

With a small whirring of gears, he awoke to his internal alarm system. Yawning and stretching, Bender made his way into his closet, where the meatbags snores could be heard all the way to Neptune.

Sure enough, hunched over on the couch was Fry, holophoner still clutched in his once more human hands and his cheek plastered to the cover of a holophoner practice book. He had fallen asleep practicing again, and his drool was making a small puddle on the cover of My First Holophoner. Bender paused, looking upon the scene with amusement, disgust, and some fuzzy feeling he didnt quite want to place.

Bender slowly slid the practice book from underneath Frys cheek, rolled it up, and whacked him, hard, on the head.

Rise and shine, meatbag! Fry yelped as he lost his balance, rolled off the couch, and planted his face into the carpet. There he grumbled something unintelligible into the wooly fibers of the floor, waving his hand as if to shoo the robot away.

Bender narrowed his eyes. It wasnt usually this hard to wake hi Read the rest of this entry »

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Benders suddenly awakens by the sound of Fry talking in his sleep. Bender: Huh? (he looks down at him)Hey, Fry! Quit mumbling about Leela all
the time! A robot is trying to get some sleep here. Fry (in his sleep):… No… Leela…. No…. Bender: Hey! HEY! (Fry doesnt wake up) *mumble*. (He gets up)Bender (looking at Fry with curiosity): Hmm, the meatbag seems to be
dreaming about Leela again huh? Man, he is even more hopeless than
Zoidberg. I wonder what Leela is up to (he walks out). Entering Leelas quarters, he finds it to be as empty as last weeks beer
bottle collection. Bender then tries the bridge, but again to no avail. Bender: Where _is_ she? Hey, I wonder if…. He walks over to the surveillance monitor and presses a button, the image
flicker once and then shows the outside of the ship. Leela is standing next
to the two hover dollies, wielding a gun and seems to just be able to hold
it in her hand. Bender: So, she decided to try the delivery anyway and now shes gonna kill
herself. Oh well, I guess this show is as good as anything (he sits down
and opens a new beer). CUT TO: Outside the PE shipLeela is still struggling with Frys control attempt over the gun. Leela: Leela…. want…. FIRE! (She manages to get off a shot, it hits a
dead tree nearby which immediately burst into flames)Leela (happy like a child): Weee! Fire! Her attention is diverted from the gun and Fry seizes the opportunity to
have her throw it away. …to be continued!