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End of part 1

Author’s Note: Charged with the task of writing a vignette shipping Fry and Leela, I admittedly had a lot of trouble despite the fact that I really like the two as a couple. Anyway, this was the result.

Radiation Can Do This, You Know

“According to the Professor,” Leela said, switching off her headset. “The radiation from the explosion at Morpheus 9 may have caused us to have temporary telepathic abilities.”

“Well, why don’t you tell us how you really feel?” Fry asked, hunching his shoulders and looking irritable.

Leela might have said, Shut up, Fry, at this point, but she didn’t have to.

“Whats going on?” Bender asked from the vicinity of the floor.

“We can read each other’s minds and it’s causing social problems,” Leela explained, slouching in her chair and looking gloomy.

“Why can’t I do that?”

“Because the radiation just melted you.”


“Aha!” Fry said, standing up theatrically. “So it was you who threw out my pickleoni sandwich last week. You know, they only made so many of those before they went off the market.”

“Why’d they take ‘em off?” asked Bender from his blob-like state on the floor.

“Caused hallucinations,” Fry said off-handedly.

“It was covered in mold,” Leela insisted. “And anyway, Fry,” she said, crossing her arms. “You could at least try not to read my mind. Here I am, respecting your privacy, while you’re rooting through my mind like Zoidberg in a dumpster he smells used tissues in.” She paused. “And I’m not, so you can just stop thinking that.”

There was a sulky silence, broken only by Bender’s warbled efforts to whistle through a halfway melted vocal unit. Leela concentrated on driving and Fry concentrated on his shoes.

Suddenly, Leela turned to Fry with a suspicious expression on her face; accidentally running over a raccoon sized planet that’s gravitational pull moved it across her path.

“Are you just thinking that to make me feel sorry for you?” she asked.

Fry squirmed and tried to shift his thoughts to the other side of his head for better cover.

“Whats going on?” Bender asked again.

“Awww,” Leela said. “I’m sorry Fry. I never knew you felt that way.”

Fry desperately tried to block his thoughts. Think about tomatoes, his brain screamed. There’s nothing remotely suspicious about tomatoes.

“Don’t worry. Your secret’s safe with me.” Leela said, tapping her brow.

“Hey! You can’t leave Bender out of the loop! I’ll kill you both once I solidify!”


Author’s Note: For anyone that asks, pickeleoni is a yet to be created hybrid of pickles and pepperonis. It is the lunch meat of the future! Too bad about all those recalls.

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Voice from the ceiling: Im a friend. I’m here to help you escape! Fry: Bender! Oh, I was so worried about you. What happened to you? Voice from the ceiling: Uh… I’m not Bender… Fry: Youre not? But you said you were my friend. Voice from the ceiling: Im another of your friends. Fry: Amy!? What are you doing here? Voice from the ceiling: *groan* Ok, I give up. I’m not your friend. Fry: Oh. Then why are you helping me escape? Voice from the ceiling (mumbling incoherently): Does it really matter!? Fry: Well, yeah. You could be an accomplice of Zapp or Kif or Nixon or… Voice from the ceiling: Look, I’m just sent here to help you… Fry: Aha! So someone DID send you here! Who is it? Is it Hermes? Voice from the ceiling (getting really annoyed): NO! I’m NOT sent by
Hermes, I’m NOT your friend and I’m NOT an accomplice! Now do you want to
escape or not!?!? Fry: Gee, you dont have to get so upset. Voice from the ceiling: I axed you a question! Fry: Wha-? Voice from the ceiling (furious): IM A GODAMN AGENT ALRIGHT!? IVE BEEN
SENT HERE TO FREE YOUR SORRY ASS!! CANT YOU JUST ACCEPT THAT!?!? Fry: Alright, alright. Ill listen already… Voice from the ceiling (somewhat relieved): Finally… Now look, that thing
I just dropped on you will deactivate the force field to the cells on this
ship. Use it to free yourself and your captain. Voice from the ceiling: Ive also located your robot. …to be continued!

That is what you felt? Leelas mind: Well… yeah… Frys mind: Nothing more? Leelas mind: Umm… Ah… no… Frys mind (sad): *sigh* I see… A moment passes without any of them saying another word, mentally or
verbally. The moment turns into minutes and the minutes into hours. Almost 3 hours has passed until Leela finally tries to speak again. Leelas mind: Fry? Unfortunately she feels that Fry has once again fallen asleep and
apparently does not want to talk to her anymore. She sighs and resigns her
attempt, although it still leaves her somewhat uneasy and with a sense of
sadness that wont go away… A few hours later Leela has fallen asleep as well. She entered the darkness
in her dream again but the only thing she found was a sleeping Fry, he
didnt want to dream this night obviously and Leela could hardly blame him. After all, he had received yet another confirmation of his suspicions that
she wasnt interested in him any further than basic friendship. Leela let
out a heavy sigh, still not sure why she couldnt just tell him how she
really felt. Eventually, she lay herself down beside him and fell asleep in
her sleep as well (not too confusing I hope ;) ). CUT TO: Frys cell, later that night. (Right… like there is a day and
night in outer space… )Fry is sleeping peacefully for once when an object falls from the
ventilation system and hits him in the head, making a hollow *bonk* sound. He immediately wakes up. Fry: Hey!? …to be continued!

?Leelas mind: Hes a robot, they probably shut him down and stashed him in
the storage room … or somewhere where they can always keep an eye on him .CUT TO: Inside one of the Nimbus corridorsWe can see a barely closed door with a robot arm hanging out, and two guys
are walking past .Guard 1: But, wont he find out about it ?Guard 2: Hey, do _you_ wanna drag that stinking piece of machinery all the
way down to storage ?Guard 1: Well, no . But I still think the broom closet was a bad idea …CUT TO: Previous shotFrys mind: Yeah youre right, hell be fine .A pause again (man we get a lot of these nowadays) .Frys mind: Leela ?Leelas mind: Yes ?Frys mind: Can I ax you a question ?Leelas mind: Go right ahead . I’m not going anywhere .Frys mind: Why did you offer yourself to do the delivery on that planet ? I
mean, not only were there gases and stupid radiation stuff, you even let me
control your body . Why ? We couldve just gone home and forgot about the
whole thing . Hermes and the professor wouldve been angry at us for sure
but it was such a huge risk you took .Leelas mind: I … Im not sure Fry .Frys mind: Surely there must be a reason ?Leelas mind: I … just felt I could trust you on that one .Frys mind: How comes that ?Leelas mind: Uhh . Well, I did feel kinda guilty that you had to go through
all those things you showed me in the dream … I wanted to make it up to
you …F …to be continued!

Zapp: No. Leela: *groan*They finally arrive at Leelas cell and she is tossed in there as Zapp
activates its force field. Zapp: Its a shame it has to end this way beautiful, had our paths turned
out differently I wouldve had you as my…. assistant long ago. Zapp: Until we meet again (Zapp blows her a small kiss)Leela: Ugh! CUT TO: Inside the Nimbus, Frys cell. Fry is walking back and forth inside his cell. He hadnt seen Bender since
they were taken away. He assumed that they wouldve put him in his own
cell, or deactivated him or something… Fry: Crud… This was definitely _not_ the way I hoped to get back home. *sigh* I wonder if Leelas alright… (he sits down on the cot and closes
his eyes)Frys mind: Leela? Are you there? Leelas mind (annoyed): Yeah, I’m here. Where else would I be? Frys mind: They didnt hurt you or anything? Leelas mind: No, not really. Although Zapp seemed to insinuate that
someone might later. Frys mind: Insi-wha? Leelas mind: Uh, nothing… Some time passes without any of them say anything… Leelas mind: Soooo. What happened with you then, where are you staying? Frys mind (sarcastic): A lovely little hotel called 67B I think…. thats
what the neon sign says outside the cell anyways. Leelas mind: Mmm? Not too far from mine then, 45A. Frys mind: Really? Leelas mind (also sarcastic): Yeah. Only 3 floors and 250 meters. Frys mind (disappointed): Oh… Leelas mind: Mmmm. …to be continued!

CUT TO: Previous shotZapp (and Kif) is standing by the ship stairs, a group of the Nimbus crew
are standing around him with laser rifles in hand as Leela, Fry and Bender
walk down. Zapp: Well, well. We meet in person once more my lovely. Too bad its under
such unfortunate circumstances. Leela (still annoyed): Look, just throw us in the brig already. Im tired
of your constant babble. Zapp: As the lady commands. Kif! Escort these war criminals to the
detention block, I shall personally interrogate the leader of these
outlaws. Kif: *sigh* As you say, captain… (Kif and some of the men take Bender and
Fry away)Zapp: Now then my pretty, lets find out who youre working for… (he
begins walking towards the detention block with a laser gun pointed towards
Leela)Leela: Just give it up Zapp. Im working for Planet Express and have been
doing so for more than two years now and you know it! Zapp: Aha! But how do I know youre not involved in some neutral plot to
turn the tide of the pacifists war machine!? Leela: The pacifists dont even HAVE a war machine. Theyve been at peace
for over 200 years! Zapp: Ah yes, that is what they want you to believe isnt it? Leela: Of course. Because its the truth! Zapp: Really? Then how do you explain the vast quantinity of ships that
gathered around their capital mmm? Leela: They were celebrating their annual crystal flower festival! …to be continued!

uh… Leela (annoyed): Lets just skip the details and get right to the point. What do you want Zapp? Zapp (seductively): Oh my. The craving for the Zapper has returned, yes? Leela (disgusted): Would you cut that OUT!? I’m _not_ interested in
sleeping with you _ever_ again! Cant you just accept that? Zapp (disappointed): No. You know you want me, you just dont know it yet. But I still will have to detain you and your ship for consorting with the
enemy, (seductively) we can talk about _us_ later (makes a kissing motion
before the vidphone returns to the ceiling)Leela: Ugh! CUT TO: Space. The Nimbus launched fighters that escort the PE ship into one of its many
docking bays. There appears to be no escape this time. CUT TO: Inside the Nimbus, Docking bay 12. The PE ship sets down and is immediately sealed inside by two large steel
doors. As the bay is pressurized, the PE ship is surrounded by a platoon of
Zapps loyal men as well has Zapp himself. CUT TO: Inside the PE ship, bridge. Leela gets up from the pilot seat. Leela: *sigh* Well guys, it looks like we will have to deal with Zapp
again. I was hoping Id never have to see him again since the time he court-
martialled you Fry, but I guess that was just too much to hope for. Fry: Aw, dont worry Leela. Youll get us out of this, you always do. …to be continued!

Leelas mind: Fry, just be quiet. Frys mind: Oh… ok. Leela: I’m gonna go get some rest, and then well get the hell outta this
dump. Leela walks out of the cargo bay. Bender (counting Leelas money): Youre the boss. Hehe… CUT TO: Space, near Catastrophicon 5. A few hours later. The PE ship is blasting off from the planets surface and is heading for
home. CUT TO: Inside the PE ship, bridgeLeela is at the helm, piloting the ship like she always does, Fry is
sitting on the passenger couch and Bender is pretending to read a book
called understanding human emotion but the book is turned upside down and
he has in fact a robot pornomag inside it. Leela: *sigh* With the engines damaged itll take almost a full day to get
back to earth. Fry: Ugh. Bo-o-ring. What are we gonna do for a whole day? Bender (looking up from behind his literature): We can have a laser-gun
duel and Ill bet on Leela. Fry: Hey? Why Leela? I beat her fair and square in that internet video
game. Leela: The only reason you beat me is because I was upset at the fact that
you wrecked my one chance to find my true home. Fry: Good thing we found out you were from earth then. Leela: It wasnt quite what I expected I can tell you that… Their small talk is interrupted by a loud *thud*! Leela: *groan* What is it THIS time!? A vidphone comes down from the ceiling and Zapps face flickers into
existence. …to be continued!

Leela: Awww, Leela want to stay to look at nice cave… Frys mind: NO! You dont! Come back here now! Leela (crossing her arms): NO! I wont follow you anymore! You no fun! Frys mind: I got a candy bar. Leela: OH! Yummy! (She darts away)Frys mind: Uh, you gotta bring the dollies or Lee–… uh… the door wont
open… Leela: Ow phooey. (she mutters something about backseat driving as she gets
back and grabs the dollies)CUT TO: Inside the PE ship, main hall. Fry, having successfully guided Leela back to the cargo bay with both
dollies, is still sound asleep. Bender, having watched most of the
spectacle via the ships monitors, greets her in the cargo bay. Bender: Hey skintube! I must admit Im mighty impressed by your giant
stupidity! Yessir, I thought only Fry was capable of throwing himself into
certain death but this, oooh, this was really something. Hey, are you even
listening to me? Leela: Duuuuh? Frys mind: Come on Leela! Snap out of it! Theres no gas in here, you
should be fine. Leela (looks as shes getting a headache): Fry?… uuhhh… Bender (grabbing Leelas wallet): Whats the matter? You snapping out of
it? Leela: Uhh. Oh my head… Remind me to never do that again… Frys mind: YES! Leela, we did it! Leelas mind: We did? I cant remember a thing… Frys mind: Aw, crap. This is just like last time. Im once again the
unknown hero of the universe… ok, maybe not the universe but still this
planet… …to be continued!

A hooded man approaches LeelaLeader: Are you the Planet Express delivery crew? Leela: Duuuuh? The leader scratches his head, but notices the crates are marked with the
Planet Express logo. Leader: I see, well, you are LATE! These supplies shouldve been here
yesterday! Leela: Leela bring boxes. Fun stuff? Leader: Eh? Are you alright? Leela: Leela feel splinter in hand. Leela think fine otherwise. Leader: Uh Riiiiight. Anyway, you have the paperwork I have to sign for
these things? Leela: Leela bring blocky paper thingy, You want? Leader: Uh, yeah… give it here… Leela just stands there looking at some stalactites in the cave. Fry
notices and have her take out the clipboard and give it to the man. He
takes it and signs it with some strange symbols. Leader (hands her the clipboard back): There you go. Now get outta here
before I decide to steal the crates and put you in the broom closet. Leela: Leela want play with brooms! Leela make good witch! The leader doesnt play her any attention, he instead has two guards unload
the crates inside the door and leave the dollies by Leelas side. He walks
back into the complex. Leader (as the door closes behind him): Urgh, if it wasnt for the fact
that were stuck here with the rest of our race wiped out by chemical bombs
I would never put up with this shit… Leela: Bye! Come visit again sometime!? (The door closes with a *Clang*)Frys mind: Phew, that went reasonably well. …to be continued!

She sighs a bit and lets Fry control her again. She walks up to the hover
dollies again and pushes them in front of her as she heads towards the
caves. CUT TO: PE ship bridge. Bender: Aw, crap… goodbye sweet promotion… *sigh* Oh well.. (he chugs
down some more beer and continues to watch Leelas little quest)CUT BACK TO: Outside the PE ship, Volcano cave. As Leela approaches the caves, she becomes a bit uneasy but Fry is
determined to not lose control over her again and so she enters without
hesitation. Leela: Ohh.. spooky… She moves down the many corridors pushing the two hover dollies in front of
her, they limit her sightline a bit but other then that everything seems to
be working fine for once. She comes across a large steel door shaped like a giant cogwheel. Leela: Oooh, big door. Leela knock? Frys mind: Personally I dont think that would help much, lets just use
the panel thingy next to it. Leela: Caaaaaaaan dooooo! Leela walks over to the console and looks down on it. It has several
buttons but Fry (in a sudden streak of intelligence) decides to go with the
button labelled push me. Leela pushes it and a faint doorbell sound can
be heard from the other side. A few moments later the giant cogwheel begins to move to one side,
revealing a round entrance. The outline of several humanoid figures can be
seen through the blinding light coming from the other side. …to be continued!

Benders suddenly awakens by the sound of Fry talking in his sleep. Bender: Huh? (he looks down at him)Hey, Fry! Quit mumbling about Leela all
the time! A robot is trying to get some sleep here. Fry (in his sleep):… No… Leela…. No…. Bender: Hey! HEY! (Fry doesnt wake up) *mumble*. (He gets up)Bender (looking at Fry with curiosity): Hmm, the meatbag seems to be
dreaming about Leela again huh? Man, he is even more hopeless than
Zoidberg. I wonder what Leela is up to (he walks out). Entering Leelas quarters, he finds it to be as empty as last weeks beer
bottle collection. Bender then tries the bridge, but again to no avail. Bender: Where _is_ she? Hey, I wonder if…. He walks over to the surveillance monitor and presses a button, the image
flicker once and then shows the outside of the ship. Leela is standing next
to the two hover dollies, wielding a gun and seems to just be able to hold
it in her hand. Bender: So, she decided to try the delivery anyway and now shes gonna kill
herself. Oh well, I guess this show is as good as anything (he sits down
and opens a new beer). CUT TO: Outside the PE shipLeela is still struggling with Frys control attempt over the gun. Leela: Leela…. want…. FIRE! (She manages to get off a shot, it hits a
dead tree nearby which immediately burst into flames)Leela (happy like a child): Weee! Fire! Her attention is diverted from the gun and Fry seizes the opportunity to
have her throw it away. …to be continued!

Leela, now standing outside, can feel her
consciousness slip into stupor. Her last thought was Here goes nothing…. I’m counting on you Fry… Frys mind: Leela? Leela, can you hear me? Leela: Duuuh. Frys mind: Oh man, shes whacked out. I sure hope this works (he
concentrates on his love). Leela (noticing her body begins to move by itself): Oooh. Leela moving. Leela go for ride! She walks over to the hover dollies and loads them with the 3 crates. Leela: Weeeee! Frys mind: Oh boy, shes really out of it. It reminds me so much of that
time… (he begins to think about the events in The day the earth stood
stupid)Leela suddenly drops to the ground, Frys attention apparently distracted. Leela: Aww, no more ride for Leela? Leela go make own ride! Leela begins to run around wailing like a fire truck. Fry snaps out of his
flashback, cursing his short attention span. Frys mind: Dammit! I spaced out. Leela? Leela!? Leela: Oooo, no fire to put out! Maybe Leela MAKE fire!? (She pulls out her
laser gun she forgot to put away before going out)Frys mind: Oh my GOD! Shes found her gun! Concentrate fry, CONCENTRATE
DAMMIT! Frys face is becoming red and his body is sweat profusely from the extreme
effort. Leela (noticing her hand about to drop the gun): What? No fire? NO FAIR! (She begins to counter Frys remote mind control)Frys mind: Unnngghhh… No… Dont do this
Leela….. please……….. plea.. se… …to be continued!

p>Fry begins to concentrate, as much as he is capable of anyways. Leela
struggles with her own self-preservation reflexes for a while but finally
gives way to the probing thoughts of her friend.One of her hands twitches a little, the flies up and hits Leela squarely in
the face!Leelas mind: Hey! Watch it!Frys mind: Oops! Sorry about that. Man this feels weird…Leelas mind: Try to use a little less force… gently now…Leelas left arm begins to move, it begins to wave around in the air.Frys mind: Wooowooo!Leelas mind: Good! Try walking now…Leelas legs begins to move slightly… her left leg takes a step….
then…she falls down with a sounding *thud*!Leela: Ow! That hurt.Frys mind: Ahh, sorry! Um… Do you want to quit?Leelas mind: Just dont that that again ok?Frys mind: Ill try.Leela after much effort gets up, and takes a step forward.Leelas mind: Good. You got that right, now lets go for a walk.Leela walks around the cargo bay for a minute or two, it seems as if Fry
has gotten the hang of this after all.Leelas mind: Great! Now lets get this over with.Leela takes back control for a moment and begins to operate the cargo life
via her WristThingy . The lift carries both her and the hover dollies out
of the ship and onto the planets surface. Gas begins to seep into the ship
through the open cargo bay but it is soon cleared by the already active
ventilation system. A few moments after Leela steps off the lift, it
returns to …to be continued!

ver dollies. She
looks determined to go through this. She cannot help but contemplate the
fact that she actually proposed this idea herself. Why? Why did she even
think such a thing? Maybe she felt she had to restore some of Frys faith
by this act, or maybe she thought she had to prove herself to him one way
or another. Either way, there was no going back now. In but a few minutes,
her mind would be severely distorted and Fry would be left at the
controls…She had given Fry a heavy tranquilizer from the medbay so he was already
sound asleep in his quarters. This was sort of a double edged sword. On the
one hand, being asleep was a requirement for this stunt to even work, but
on the other hand it also dampened the effect of the implant which causes
conversation between the two more difficult. Right now however, she was
rather thankful for that as she could think all of this over without his
interference. It wouldnt take long however before Fry figured out how to
control her after the extensive lecture she had him go through.As she thought these last thoughts a familiar voice began to sound in her
head.Frys mind: Leela?Leelas mind: Yes, I can hear you Fry.Frys mind: Good, I was almost beginning to give up before I heard some
mumbling. What were you thinking about?Leelas mind: Oh, nothing. Nothing special.Frys mind: …. Are you SURE you want to go through with this Leela?Leelas mind: *sigh* lets just do it already!Frys mind: ….youre the captain… …to be continued!