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Leela always wanted to suck of robot. But what was she expecting?

Hi there ;) Now slutty of Futurama XXX actors taking order in working her lips and tongue demonstrating great sexual energy for revealing her horny nature! It was an outrageous chance to make some love with a beautiful for a famous TV-Show hero but suddenly they get mad and squirting couple!

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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Mia – Chapter 1


fanfic is about the possibility of Leela having a sister that Morris
and Munda (Leela’s parents) never told her about named Mia. For the
purpose of this story, all the crew members are 18 years old, and Mia
is 16. Mia basically looks like Leela, only she has purplish-red hair
that goes down to her shoulders that she likes to leave down (her
hair is also naturally wavy, while Leela’s is naturally straight, as
you probably already know) and is prettier than Leela.



that was how the Planet Express Crew saved Omicron
Persei 8′s rulers from the killbots of Chapek
9! Back to you Morbo!”

found that news report sweet, but BORING! WHY CAN’T YOU PEOPLE JUST

and that’s the news for tonight! Coming up next, All My Circuits!”

shut the TV off and thumped onto my bed. I turned my body so that I
was staring at the newspaper clipping on the wall. I didn’t need to
read the article anymore; I had memorized its summary by heart.

Planet Express Crew has done it again! They have saved the world from
the gigantic asteroid of garbage that was going to destroy Earth by
sending ANOTHER ASTEROID OF GARBAGE! Who would’ve thought?

the writing was a picture of my hero, Leela, who was holding up a
medal for her achievement. This caused a tear to slide down my cheek.
I would never Continue reading

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I Dream of Leela – Chapter 3

I Dream of Leela by BumbleBeeTheta
Part Three- Fortune Cookie Future

And my girlfriend likes U.L. and D.H.C.
And shes so smart and independent; I dont think she needs me
Quite half as much as I know I need her.
I wonder why theres not another guy that shed prefer

Yeah, my girlfriend takes collect calls from the road
And it doesnt seem to matter that Im lacking in the bulge.
She laughs at my dumb jokes when no one else does.
She brings me Mexican food from Sombreros just because.

And when I feel like giving up,
Like my world is falling down,
I show up at 3am
Shes still up watching Vacation and I
See her pretty face
It takes me away to a better place and
I know that everything,
Everythings gonna be fine.
- Josie by Blink 182

Scene: Next morning in the kitchen.

(Leela, wearing a robe over her nightgown, groggily walks into the kitchen, rubbing her eye.)

Fry: Morning.

(She looks up and sees him sitting at the table, drinking coffee. She smiles and sits down.)

Leela: Gmorning. Im surprised my father didnt kick you out.

Fry: Well, once I reasoned with him, he let me off with a stern warning that if you get pregnant or contract HIV Ill never see the sun rise again.

Leela: Have you ever seen it rise?

Fry: No. But he doesnt know that.

Leela: You should. Its so beautiful. Probably the prettiest thing in the universe.

Fry: Even prettier than you?

Leela: Remember what I said when you said the view in my apartment was perfect?

Fry: Yeah. You said it was the corniest thing youd ever heard.

Leela: Well, Im making your comment just now take its place.

Fry: But girls like corny things, dont they?

Leela: Why else would I be going out with you?

Fry: I see your point. But is that why you love me?

Leela: (smiling) Dont push it.

Fry: So what do you want to do tonight?

Leela: I dunno. But lets not relive last night. I dont think I want to get yelled at again.

Fry: Yeah. P Continue reading

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Leela and Amy – Chapter 1


Generally, when the Professor declared “Good news, everyone!” at any given time, he usually meant everything but. Today had been somewhat of an exception, as it was Valentine’s Day of 3005, and was kind enough to have given the crew the rest of the day off as soon as they’d finished their first delivery. Everybody thought that was great, but by the time it came, Leela had decided that the news wasn’t good at all.

“Well everything seems to be in order,” Hermes announced at the conference table, rustling the day’s finished paperwork through his fingers. “I suppose that means you can all leave, right Professor?”

“Oh my, yes,” the elderly man nodded with a wrinkled smile. “So long everyone! See you tomorrow, et cetera. Bye!”

“Wait?” asked Fry suspiciously. “I’ve been meaning to ask you all day, why are you being so nice to us?”

“Oh! That’s simple,” Farnsworth grinned. “I managed to work out a rather indecent proposal with a sexy, younger, mad scientistess colleague of mine from Mars University. Seems she wanted a particular doomsday device made and couldn’t pay with cash, so is willing to spend this evening with me instead. It will be a night to remember, ohhh yes.”

He thinks in his mind about what might be in store for him: him sitting at a table with her, on which sits a holographic board game. She wears a hooded black cloak and he has a barbarian styled horned helmet and fur coat.

“You destroy the skeleton,” she says to him. “You find a healing potion and a plus two mace.”
Continue reading

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Leela eating Amy’s pussy enjoying the taste of it. Amy is very near climax!

Futurama Hentai

Futurama Hentai

Leela Turanga is getting her bra and panties pulled by lesbian robots… and shes enjoying it!
Futurama personages get to it anew with a new strip of this naughty drawn sex that cannot have enough of raw sex and for their fuzzy dreams. It’s time to fill up this curvaceous and girl! I’ve often craved to see the Futurama hentai sluts who crave for cocks 24/7 above all.

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Sexy Futurama: Hey There Leela Chapter 1

Hey, guys… My first fic here, but don’t think that means you have to be nice. I love all reviews, even flames, mostly because flames are usually true, if they’re about the writing style. So, eh, yep. This is sort of a song fic, but not really. Well, it incorperates the song ‘Hey There Delilah’, but in this fic it’s ‘Hey there Leela’, because Fry writes it. Not as corny as it sounds, at least I don’t think so…

(hopefully) happy reading,


p.s- oh, almost forgot, there isn’t any Bender Fry slash in this, even though some of those stories are pretty good… If it seems strange to you, just remember I’m trying to go for a strong friendship bond, and almost an implied parental figure… You’ll just have to read. He he…

Inside Robo Apartments, a bending unit was mumbling in his sleep as he usually did. Kill all humans…

With a small whirring of gears, he awoke to his internal alarm system. Yawning and stretching, Bender made his way into his closet, where the meatbags snores could be heard all the way to Neptune.

Sure enough, hunched over on the couch was Fry, holophoner still clutched in his once more human hands and his cheek plastered to the cover of a holophoner practice book. He had fallen asleep practicing again, and his drool was making a small puddle on the cover of My First Holophoner. Bender paused, looking upon the scene with amusement, disgust, and some fuzzy feeling he didnt quite want to place.

Bender slowly slid the practice book from underneath Frys cheek, rolled it up, and whacked him, hard, on the head.

Rise and shine, meatbag! Fry yelped as he lost his balance, rolled off the couch, and planted his face into the carpet. There he grumbled something unintelligible into the wooly fibers of the floor, waving his hand as if to shoo the robot away.

Bender narrowed his eyes. It wasnt usually this hard to wake hi Continue reading

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Futurama xxx story part 18: No more secrets part 2 Chapter 1

Voice from the ceiling: Im a friend. I’m here to help you escape! Fry: Bender! Oh, I was so worried about you. What happened to you? Voice from the ceiling: Uh… I’m not Bender… Fry: Youre not? But you said you were my friend. Voice from the ceiling: Im another of your friends. Fry: Amy!? What are you doing here? Voice from the ceiling: *groan* Ok, I give up. I’m not your friend. Fry: Oh. Then why are you helping me escape? Voice from the ceiling (mumbling incoherently): Does it really matter!? Fry: Well, yeah. You could be an accomplice of Zapp or Kif or Nixon or… Voice from the ceiling: Look, I’m just sent here to help you… Fry: Aha! So someone DID send you here! Who is it? Is it Hermes? Voice from the ceiling (getting really annoyed): NO! I’m NOT sent by
Hermes, I’m NOT your friend and I’m NOT an accomplice! Now do you want to
escape or not!?!? Fry: Gee, you dont have to get so upset. Voice from the ceiling: I axed you a question! Fry: Wha-? Voice from the ceiling (furious): IM A GODAMN AGENT ALRIGHT!? IVE BEEN
SENT HERE TO FREE YOUR SORRY ASS!! CANT YOU JUST ACCEPT THAT!?!? Fry: Alright, alright. Ill listen already… Voice from the ceiling (somewhat relieved): Finally… Now look, that thing
I just dropped on you will deactivate the force field to the cells on this
ship. Use it to free yourself and your captain. Voice from the ceiling: Ive also located your robot. …to be continued!

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Futurama porn story part 16: No more secrets part 2 Chapter 1

?Leelas mind: Hes a robot, they probably shut him down and stashed him in
the storage room … or somewhere where they can always keep an eye on him .CUT TO: Inside one of the Nimbus corridorsWe can see a barely closed door with a robot arm hanging out, and two guys
are walking past .Guard 1: But, wont he find out about it ?Guard 2: Hey, do _you_ wanna drag that stinking piece of machinery all the
way down to storage ?Guard 1: Well, no . But I still think the broom closet was a bad idea …CUT TO: Previous shotFrys mind: Yeah youre right, hell be fine .A pause again (man we get a lot of these nowadays) .Frys mind: Leela ?Leelas mind: Yes ?Frys mind: Can I ax you a question ?Leelas mind: Go right ahead . I’m not going anywhere .Frys mind: Why did you offer yourself to do the delivery on that planet ? I
mean, not only were there gases and stupid radiation stuff, you even let me
control your body . Why ? We couldve just gone home and forgot about the
whole thing . Hermes and the professor wouldve been angry at us for sure
but it was such a huge risk you took .Leelas mind: I … Im not sure Fry .Frys mind: Surely there must be a reason ?Leelas mind: I … just felt I could trust you on that one .Frys mind: How comes that ?Leelas mind: Uhh . Well, I did feel kinda guilty that you had to go through
all those things you showed me in the dream … I wanted to make it up to
you …F …to be continued!

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Futurama sex story part 12: No more secrets part 2 Chapter 1

Leelas mind: Fry, just be quiet. Frys mind: Oh… ok. Leela: I’m gonna go get some rest, and then well get the hell outta this
dump. Leela walks out of the cargo bay. Bender (counting Leelas money): Youre the boss. Hehe… CUT TO: Space, near Catastrophicon 5. A few hours later. The PE ship is blasting off from the planets surface and is heading for
home. CUT TO: Inside the PE ship, bridgeLeela is at the helm, piloting the ship like she always does, Fry is
sitting on the passenger couch and Bender is pretending to read a book
called understanding human emotion but the book is turned upside down and
he has in fact a robot pornomag inside it. Leela: *sigh* With the engines damaged itll take almost a full day to get
back to earth. Fry: Ugh. Bo-o-ring. What are we gonna do for a whole day? Bender (looking up from behind his literature): We can have a laser-gun
duel and Ill bet on Leela. Fry: Hey? Why Leela? I beat her fair and square in that internet video
game. Leela: The only reason you beat me is because I was upset at the fact that
you wrecked my one chance to find my true home. Fry: Good thing we found out you were from earth then. Leela: It wasnt quite what I expected I can tell you that… Their small talk is interrupted by a loud *thud*! Leela: *groan* What is it THIS time!? A vidphone comes down from the ceiling and Zapps face flickers into
existence. …to be continued!

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