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Leela and Amy – Chapter 1


Generally, when the Professor declared "Good news, everyone!" at any given time, he usually meant everything but. Today had been somewhat of an exception, as it was Valentine's Day of 3005, and was kind enough to have given the crew the rest of the day off as soon as they'd finished their first delivery. Everybody thought that was great, but by the time it came, Leela had decided that the news wasn't good at all.

"Well everything seems to be in order," Hermes announced at the conference table, rustling the day's finished paperwork through his fingers. "I suppose that means you can all leave, right Professor?"

"Oh my, yes," the elderly man nodded with a wrinkled smile. "So long everyone! See you tomorrow, et cetera. Bye!"

"Wait?" asked Fry suspiciously. "I've been meaning to ask you all day, why are you being so nice to us?"

"Oh! That's simple," Farnsworth grinned. "I managed to work out a rather indecent proposal with a sexy, younger, mad scientistess colleague of mine from Mars University. Seems she wanted a particular doomsday device made and couldn't pay with cash, so is willing to spend this evening with me instead. It will be a night to remember, ohhh yes."

He thinks in his mind about what might be in store for him: him sitting at a table with her, on which sits a holographic board game. She wears a hooded black cloak and he has a barbarian styled horned helmet and fur coat.

"You destroy the skeleton," she says to him. "You find a healing potion and a plus two mace."

/>"Oh my, yes," he says dreamily as the vision ended, and he left through the main doors. Fry, Bender, Amy, Hermes and Zoidberg all got up and began leaving too, while Leela stayed sitting there, looking rather down. Nobody notices though.

"You got a date tonight, Bender?" Fry asks his robot pal.

"If you call hookerbots a date. What about you?"

Leela turns her head to listen to Fry's response. Maybe this time she can cut him some slack?

"Yep," he says proudly, a smug grin across his face. "I met this girl the other day at O'Zorgnax's pub. She told me she's basically the fine line between being 'easy' and being a skank. And that's perfect for me."

Leela groaned on the inside, and before she knew it everybody else had left the room. Normally this would be a great opportunity for her, but things had just not been going right for her lately romantically speaking. She was currently single again, ever since she broke up with her ex, Shaun, for the umpteenth time several months ago. He had been caught cheating, just like the last time. The guy before had just slept with her, then disappeared into the night with her purse. The guy before had turned out to be married with a kid. And she didn't even want to think about what the one before that was into. Her experience with guys lately had just been one disappointment after the next, and that's why, once everybody was gone (and she had a few moments to think about her whole situation) she half-collapsed on the table before her, and broke down into heavy sobbing.

"Sorry, I forgot my purse, and--"

Leela jumped out of her boots at the self-cut-off voice, then whirled around to see Amy standing there beside her, holding her handbag gingerly. Leela must have been sobbing for only about ten seconds or so, and hadn't even heard Amy enter. The cyclops quickly faked a smile and tried to bat away her tears with her thick eyelashes.

"Hi, Amy!" she said in a tone that was even more pathetic than her acting.

"Are you okay?" Amy asked with genuine concern. "You're even more upset about something than usual. And that's saying something."

"I'm fine," Leela grinned, her acting, again, awful. "Really I am! You just go off and have fun."

"You sure?"

"Of course I am!" she overacted, followed by a giggle more fake than a boy band's singing. "I'll be fine!"

Her overly happy tone began to falter as she continued.

"I'll be fine, all alone by myself. All night. Completely alone. By myself."

She sank back into the chair, tears welling up in her large eye, and her lips quivering. Amy gave a sympathetic look and took one of Leela's hands in her own.

"Awwww, don't be sad. It can't be that bad."

"I dunno," Leela sniffled. "I'm almost tempted to give Zapp Brannigan a call tonight!"

"Okay, maybe it is that bad," Amy reluctantly agreed. "But... there's lots of good guys out there. And there'll be lots looking for somebody like you."

"Don't kid yourself," Leela answered, her bitterness replacing her sadness for a moment. "The guys out there are only interested in one thing from me. And half the time they also want that thing from somebody else as well."

She went back to her pathetic crying, but before Amy could console further, a sharp ringing sound came out of her handbag.

"Just a sec," she told Leela, opening the bag and answering her cellphone. "Hello?"
There was a pause, and Amy's face lit up.

"Kiffy! When are--"

She cut herself off, and Leela observed the look of confusion on Amy's face as her boyfriend's muffled voice said something at the other end for a few seconds.

"What?!" Amy said into it, sounding annoyed.

There were more muffled sounds from the phone, and her confused look became disappointed.

"Can't you do anything to get out of it?"

More muffled sounds, and disappointment turned into sadness. Amy's voice lowered as her enthusiasm hit an all-time low.

"Okay then. I'll talk to you later."

Amy pressed a button to end the call, then tossed the phone grumpily into her bag again with unintelligible cursing.

"What's wrong?" Leela asked, her problems set on simmer for the moment. Amy's angry demeanour saddened.

"That was Kiff. He was supposed to meet me for dinner in a few hours, and then we were going to spend the weekend together. But he just cancelled. He said Zapp needed him for some mission suddenly, and that he could be busy on it for a week or more."

Amy slung her bag over her shoulder and threw herself onto the seat beside Leela.

"Now what am I going to do?" she whined, slumping forward and cupping her chin in her hands. "We made dinner reservations and everything."

She looked up to Leela, then blushed with embarrassment.

"Sorry," she said. "I shouldn't be making it out that my problem is more tragic than yours."

"It's okay. I guess we're both dateless on Valentine's night now," Leela joked back.

"Yeah," Amy sarcastically chuckled back.

There was just a few seconds of silence, and then Amy looked back at Leela with a smile.

"Y'know," she said in a more perky tone. "Maybe we don't have to be."


"Why don't you and I use these dinner reservations and then hit the town?" Amy suggested. "We can have a girls’ night out, and instead of celebrating by dating guys, we can celebrate badmouthing them for jerking us around."

"Yeah," Leela said with some doubt, and then she looked sterner and said "yeah" again with more assurance. "You're on!"

"That's the spirit!" Amy said, getting to her feet. Leela stood up too.

"We'll show those jerkwads that we don't need them to have a good time."

"Right on," Amy smiled, "I'll come 'round and pick you up about seven thirty then?"

"Seven thirty it is," Leela nodded.

Amy began walking towards the door, only to hear Leela call her name again after only a few steps. When she turned to the cyclops, Leela simply adding, "thanks for this," to which Amy smiled.


In her apartment, Leela stood before the mirror in her bedroom, holding a dress up to her body, while trusty pet Nibbler sat on her bed watching.

"What do I wear, Nibbler?" she groaned. "I mean, I don't even know what kind of occasion this is!"

Nibbler just answered with a strange noise and began nibbling at his fur.

"You're no help, you know that," she muttered at him, replacing the dress with another one from her closet. This time it was the same purple dress she had worn to Fry's opera about a year ago. It was rather sexy: tight fitting, with holes to show off her cleavage and navel. She wasn't sure whether that was too much, but then the doorbell rang.

"Uh! Just a minute!" she called. And her decision was made.


Amy stood at the door, examining her nails carefully. She wore a long, red strapless dress, which was pulled tight around her waist by a black leather belt with a golden buckle. Red lipstick coated her lips, high-heeled red shoes covered her feet, and she was also adorned with a diamond collar with matching earrings. The door opened and there stood Leela in the dress.

"Sorry. I couldn't decide what to wear," Leela apologized.

"Ah. The opera dress I see," Amy said with playful mockery.

"Look, I know you never wear the same dress twice," Leela defended, "but I don't come from a rich family that owns the entire hemisphere of a planet. Quite the opposite in fact."

"Well, tonight you'll feel like royalty," Amy said, "we're dining at Elzar's, and it's on me."

"Oh, I don't expect you to pay for mine too."

"Why not?" Amy shrugged. "When I said 'me' I actually meant my parents."


The two arrived at Elzar's, where the four-armed chef himself greeted them.

"Looking good there, ladies," he said. "I hope you have a reservation, 'cause we're booked out t'night, and I'd sure hate to turn such gorgeous women away."

"We do," Amy said. "Table for two under Wong."

Elzar checked his list.

"Ah, yes, here we are. You got one of our best tables. Very secluded and romantic. Bam!"

"It was supposed to be for my boyfriend and I," Amy noted. "But he cancelled, so my friend and I are having a woman's night out."

"Hey, that's great!" Elzar said. "And onna count of your boyfriend's lack of appreciation for you, I'm going to offer you a special ten percent discount off our most expensive wine. If you'll follow me, ladies."

Elzar led them to the table, which was at the back of the restaurant in a corner. The table had booth seats, and all around were lush, green plants with large leaves, save for the one side where they slid in to sit down.

"Anything to drink before I send the menus, ladies?" Elzar asked, whipping out his notepad.

"I'll have a bottle of your most expensive champagne," Amy said.

"Excellent choice," Elzar smiled. "And thanks to that discount, it's not really the most expensive bottle for you. Oh-- wait, it still is. But only by ten dollars."

"I'll just have your second cheapest bottle of--"

Amy cut Leela off by clearing her throat, which reminded Leela who was paying.

"Actually, make it two."


Elzar returned with the champagne and the menus soon after, and the two ordered. Amy only wanted a small plate of salad with some buggalo wings, while Leela ordered a more substantial salad with a large steak. As soon as Elzar disappeared, Amy poured them both a glass of champagne and spoke up.

"So, going to tell me more about your man troubles?"

"Where to start?" Leela said with a big sigh, and she downed the first glass in one gulp. "I caught Shaun cheating on me again for starters."

"How'd you find out?" Amy gasped. "You catch him?"

"Not exactly. Let's just say that he didn't call my name out after our last date."

"What a jerk!" Amy said. "How long ago was that?"

"Four months." It was an embarrassing answer.

"Whoa! That long?"

Leela went on to tell Amy about her other past dates, all the way up until the food came. Many a glass of champagne was downed during that time, and though Leela drank more, she also ate more, and it was Amy who began to feel the effects of the alcohol more. More anti-guy conversation took place between them as they ate, Amy telling of past boyfriends being jerks as well. They eventually finished, and as their plates were taken away and they waited for the dessert menu, Leela brought up a subject she soon wished she hadn't.

"At least you've got a really nice boyfriend in Kiff. He may not actually be here, but you still have him."

"I guess," Amy said with a shrug. She seemed unsure and Leela noticed this.

"What do you mean by 'I guess?'" Leela asked. "Things are great for you two. You should be grateful you have such a great guy."

"You're right, but--" and then a sigh.


Amy blushed. She seemed reluctant to answer.

"I dunno. It's kind of private."

"Hey, I've shared my intimate details with you," Leela scolded semi-jokingly. "Down this and tell me."

She filled Amy's glass with champagne and pushed it towards her. Amy gulped it down with little hesitation, and then sighed again.

"Okay. Kiff's really sweet and all, but," a pause, "we've been having some personal issues."

"Trouble in bed issues?" Leela asked. Amy nodded.

"Remember how he got pregnant that time?"


"Well, because he reproduces so oddly like that, he, well, doesn't actually, uh, have certain appendages that a human guy would have, if you get what I mean?"

Leela didn't know how to respond, so just said, "Oh. I see."

"It's kind of awkward," Amy near-whispered. "He's so nice, and I don't want to hurt his feelings, and I don't want to cheat on him with another guy. But, I have, well," a pause, "needs, y'know?"

Leela nodded, more as a force of habit. "I haven't had sex for over four months now myself."

There was an odd silence, and Leela went red in the face. "My God! Did I just say that to you out loud?"

She expected Amy to giggle childishly, but she just answered with a serious, "yes."

"You in the same boat?" Leela asked, almost slyly. She didn't often get one-up on Amy in situations like this.

"Sorta," Amy said reluctantly. "I mean, well, Kiff and I try, but, it just doesn't really work. He's just a bit too shy, and doesn't really know what a woman wants I don't think. If he was a little bit bolder, things might work out, but so far--"

She stopped there. The silence following became awkward.

"Look at us! We're supposed to be having fun, but we're just moaning about our problems." Leela said jokingly. This made Amy perk back up a bit.

"You're right. Besides, just because I can't find any guys tonight, doesn't mean you can't."

"Forget it!" Leela said, pouring herself another glass. "For this whole night, I'm not even looking at any guys!"


"Yep. I'm going to spend all this free time enjoying myself, and I'm not letting any major disappointments in the form of male jerkwads stop me."

"That's a shame, you look pretty sexy in that dress tonight."

Leela almost choked on her drink, and probably would have if had been more than half a mouthful left in her glass. "Thanks," she answered, taken aback at Amy actually complimenting her.

"I know, I usually don't give you compliments like that," Amy went on, "but it looks good on you. It really does."

"Thank you. You look," a pause, "pretty good yourself."

Amy had a similar reaction to Leela's compliment.

"I know, I usually say you dress a bit 'trampy' often," Leela went on, "but that is definitely one of your more elegant dresses."

"Well, I toned it down since I knew I wouldn't be out to snag guys tonight."

Leela almost rolled her eye at the comment. Just then, Elzar came back.

"Here are your dessert menus, ladies," he said.

"Leela. What do you say we skip dessert and go dancing?" Amy asked.

"Sure. I guess."

"Charge it to my parents account," Amy told Elzar. "We're off to dance the night away."


The two girls entered The Hip Joint, where many young couples were on the dance floor, and Leela soon realized something she should have earlier.

"I can't dance like this in this dress. If I'd known we'd be coming here I would have chosen something a little more appropriate. Then again, your dress isn't really any more suited than mine."

"Guh!" Amy exclaimed. "It's more suitable than you'd think."

Amy pulled two small bobbles on her dress, located on either hip, revealing that they were attached to pieces of long cord, and the length of her previously long dress began to shorten. Once the hem was about halfway between her knees and her hips in length, she wrapped the bobbled cords around her waist and tied them in a knot. "Voila!" she said with a twirl, her dress flaring up a bit in the process.

"Impressive!" remarked Leela. "Though that still doesn't solve my problem. Maybe I should just find a seat and leave the dancing to you."

"No way!" Amy said. "You're here to have fun too. Besides, I need you to be my dance partner."

"You want to dance with me?"

"Yeah," Amy smiled. "I mean, I can't dance with any guys. And if I dance alone, then I absolutely know some sleazebag is going to try and make himself my partner, and want things to go on from there."

"That's true," Leela admitted. "Plus, I wanted to avoid jerks tonight as well, yet still have some fun."

"Exactly," Amy said. "So we still need to fix this dress problem," a pause of thought, "how attached to that dress are you?"

"Oh no! You can forget it. I am not going to cut the bottom half of it off!"

"Please, Leela," Amy pleaded. "I'll buy you another one just like it."

"But it wouldn't be the same. This dress has sentimental value."

Amy thought some more, then her face lit up and she grabbed Leela by the arm with a simple, "follow me," and before Leela knew it they were in the ladies bathroom.

"What is it?" Leela asked doubtfully.

"Simple. You can just fold the dress up inside."

"That wouldn't work, it would keep slipping down."

"Duh! That's why I'll give you my belt," Amy said, unclipping it. "The cord tassels around my waist can do the same job anyway for me now. You can tuck the dress up to your waist and then put the belt on nice and tight."

"Okay," Leela said, still somewhat dubious about it all. "But I'll need a hand."

"Here," Amy said, handing Leela the belt. "I'll do if for you, and you put the belt on when I say."

"Oh, you shouldn't do that Amy--" Leela began to protest, but before she could say any more, Amy had walked behind her and already began to work on the adjustments. Leela just let her, and half-slung the belt around her waist in readiness. It took a little longer than Leela had hoped, probably due to Amy's clumsiness forcing her to start from scratch three times, but eventually things began to work out. "Eeep!" Leela squealed after a little while, one of Amy's hands had surprised her when contacting with her thigh.

"Sorry," Amy apologized from behind her. "Almost there."

Amy stood up, with the dress somewhat bunching up around Leela's waist. She jumped again as she felt Amy's hands touch her hip, and then again slightly lesser when Amy's body pressed up against her back. She could feel the younger girl's breasts against her back, and the whole situation was making her feel a little uncomfortable.

"Okay, I think I've got it in the right place," Amy said, her lips just behind Leela's ear. "I'll just adjust it a bit and--"

Leela blushed, as she felt Amy's hands flatten against her stomach along with the fabric of her dress, then slide up until they were just beneath her breasts. "Ready!" Amy said. "Buckle it up."

Leela fastened the belt, and Amy removed her hands. The former mess of a dress unraveled, and Leela was left looking in the mirror at a surprisingly good job. It really did look like a more dance-worthy garment, coming up to almost the same height as Amy's, and was a definite improvement despite the hole on the stomach now being covered by the belt buckle. In fact, if anything, the belt had made her waist look even slimmer.

"Wow!" she smiled, twirling as she admired her reflection. "It worked better than I thought."

"See, what did I tell you," Amy said. "Now you just have to remove these."

Amy grabbed Leela's arms, first one then the other, and began to slip off her long, formal gloves. "You can't have long gloves with a short dress."

"Yeah," Leela agreed, a bit uneasy at Amy's forwardness when removing the gloves. Amy gave them back to her and she popped them in her handbag, then looked in the mirror again. She had to admit, Amy was right again.

"There you go," Amy said cheerfully. "You're sure going to drive the guys that can't have you nuts when you look as hot as that!"

"Thanks," Leela said. She didn't know how else to answer that. Amy's only follow-up was to say, "come on," and grasp Leela's hand to pull her all the way to the dance floor.


The place was pretty busy, but there was still lots of room for them to dance. Amy began to kick things off, twirling and swinging, and Leela soon caught up in the beats and began to join in. She was soon having a blast, and after only a couple of songs, she and Amy managed to really dance together as a team, in the sense where she could mirror Amy's movements in sync. They never made any contact with each other, but were complimenting each other's moves perfectly. A couple of times some guys tried to cut in with either one or the other, but were quickly sent packing with a quick insulting one-liner from one of the girls. Overall, Leela was having a great time. And with Amy of all people. After an hour of this, the music quietened, and the robot DJ at the front of the room spoke up.

"Okay, I'm going to have to go and recharge for about 15 minutes or so, so we'll all take a break until then, when I'll return with even more fantastic beats on this Valentine's night."

Dancers all began to vacate the floor and move to the tables and chairs surrounding it, Leela and Amy among them.

"Having fun?" Amy asked Leela while taking a seat.

"Loads," Leela answered. "More than I have in a long, long time actually. Probably more than I actually had had on any of my dates with guys when I think about it."


"Yeah. Probably because I know for sure there's no way that I'm going to be disappointed tonight. I can just," a pause, "loosen up."

"I'm glad," Amy said. "And what about those sleazy guys trying to cut in all the time?"

"That was great!" Leela laughed. "We sure sent them packing."

"I think a couple of them had girlfriends too," Amy said. "Girlfriends who were actually there with them, I mean!"

"Wouldn't surprise me," Leela said. Amy clicked her fingers at a passing drinks server to say, "two glasses and a bottle of your finest champagne."

"I know I keep thanking you over and over," Leela said, "but I'm just really glad you were willing to do this with me tonight."

"It's fun," Amy said. "And you're pretty cool once you loosen up a bit. I think this is the best time I've had for a long time too. We should have done this a long time ago. I used to think we were just so opposite of each other, but we're probably more alike than we think."

"Well, we both hate guys at the moment, for one."

Amy laughed, and the champagne arrived. They poured and clinked their glasses together, sharing more tales of dating disappointments and how guys just never really got them, for the next ten minutes or so. Then, the robot DJ was back, and people crowded back to the dance floor.

"May I have this dance?" Leela said jokingly in a faked posh accent as she held out a hand. "But of course," Amy answered in similar fashion, taking Leela's hand.

"Okay, since it's Valentine's night, we're going to try something a little more exotic tonight!" the DJ announced.

And he wasn't kidding, for as soon as they were up there they noticed it was more of a spicy, Spanish style of music. Amy got right into it, to Leela's surprise, moving in a very seductive and fluid way, which suited the music. Leela tried to dance too, and despite being good, couldn't beat Amy's style. She wasn't used to that style of dancing.

"Sorry, I'm not really used to dancing to this type of music," Leela admitted after the first song was done.

"It's easy, you just have to get into the rhythm," Amy told her. "I'll teach you."

"Oh, you don't have to do that," Leela said. "It'd be embarrassing for me anyway."

"Go on, give it a try," Amy egged on. "I'll just dance slower for this next song, and you can follow me."

The next song began, Amy throwing both her left arm and leg out dead straight on an angle, to which Leela imitated. Amy then twisted her hips around rhythmically a couple of times, finishing the move by giving them a swift flick, which Leela also imitated. This went on, with Amy continuing with some sharp, semi snakelike twirling, waving, twisting, and other provocative styled Spanish moves, such as one that seemed to resemble riding an invisible mechanical bull, and Leela followed them all. By the end of the song, she thought she had the hang of it.

"Great job!" Amy said. "Now let's see if you can do it at full speed."

The next song followed, a fast salsa-styled beat, that made Leela doubt her ability, but she had become a quick learner from that one-song lesson from Amy, and was keeping up amazingly well. Half-way through the song Amy gave her a big smile and said, "you're doing great! Keep it up!" And so she did.

"You're a natural!" Amy told her when the song finished. "You'll be better than me at this rate!"

The next song is where things changed though. It started off slowly, with a very Central American styled guitar style, but after about half a minute in became the spiciest, most titillating song yet. This was fine for the next half a minute or so, but then Leela was almost stunned as Amy gave her the most raunchy looking stare during the dance, as she twirled her hips in a manner that almost said there was friction in the air when there wasn't any. Amy's half-closed, seemingly suggestive eyes stayed locked on Leela's single one, and Leela could swear it was a look that said Amy wanted her or something. And Leela didn't know whether to be disturbed or flattered.

"It's just the dance," a voice in her head said. "Amy's just in the moment of the music."

That thought relaxed her somewhat. Amy turned around, looking over her shoulder at Leela with the same look, her bottom almost pointing at Leela directly. Leela turned around as well, putting her butt out towards Amy, thinking that Amy wanted to bump bottoms with her like in many dances, which was true. Amy laughed as their rear ends touched, so Leela laughed back too. She suddenly thought the whole idea of Amy coming on to her was stupid. It must have been the drink going to her head. They both straightened up, so they were back to back.

"And you say you've never done this before," Amy called to her over the loud music, along with a wink. Leela laughed again, and Amy smiled, then pressed her back against Leela's even more, following up lowering herself with a snakelike sway of her butt down to the ground against Leela, and returning back up. As soon as she had, Leela decided to follow suit, and snaked her own butt way down Amy and back up again. Amy giggled, then danced away from Leela and turned around, so Leela turned to face her as well.

"The guys are missing out tonight, that's for sure," Amy chuckled.

"Yeah," Leela laughed back.

Leela found herself frozen again, as Amy slinked over to her, that seductive look returning to her face. When Amy's face was all Leela could see, she found her stomach getting in a knot. Amy's smile was so captivating, and her eyes were so suggestive. Acting on behalf of the song or not, for some reason, Leela was looking at her friend in a way she never had before now. She knew Amy was a cute and attractive girl, as any female knows when another female is attractive. However, now, during that moment, Leela was actually not just seeing Amy as an attractive girl, but for some twisted reason, was finding herself attracted to her. And when the tips of Amy's breasts made contact with the tips of her own, she blushed.
"Amy--" she breathed, without even noticing. Thanks to the loud music, Amy probably hadn't noticed either.

Leela found herself making another just-audible sigh as Amy snaked her way down Leela's front this time, not actually touching her save for the fringe of her dark hair brushing between Leela's breasts during the move. When she came back up, that same look was on her face. Leela decided to quickly imitate the move as well, to avoid Amy seeing what would have had to be a very red face, but soon discovered that it would probably be more red when she returned. Her journey down immediately started with a glare down Amy's top, where her own fringe ended up sliding between Amy's breasts as well, followed by Amy's slender stomach, perfect hips, and then the thighs, which after passing the hem of the dress were smooth, bare flesh. Leela's journey back up was a lot quicker than her one down for some reason, but if Amy noticed any red in her face or her likely rather stunned look, she didn't indicate it.

"It's just the alcohol and the music," the voice in Leela's head tried to assure her. "You're just intoxicated and caught up in the moment."

Any reassurance didn't last long, as the next move Amy did involved her turning around and pressing her back right up against Leela's front. On top of that, she reached around Leela's with both arms behind her, her right up and around the back of Leela's head while her left snaked around until her hand landed on Leela's thigh. Leela was frozen as Amy's whole body slid down her own, with Amy's butt smoothly swaying from her stomach to her knees, while her right arm trailed down from Leela's cheek to her hip, and the left from her hip down her leg. And then it was back up again. This happened three more times, with the feeling of Amy's hands being bad enough, let alone the contact of her butt sliding around Leela's thighs and crotch area.

"Settle down, Leela," her mind told her. "Don't let this get you too excited."

Before Leela knew it, Amy was facing her again, and had put her hands around behind Leela's neck. She just swayed there in front of her, at arm's length away, while Leela's own hands were seemingly-automatically at the small of Amy's back. For a moment Leela thought Amy was going to kiss her as she pulled herself closer, but the Martian girl ended up simply swinging her left leg over Leela's right hip, then pulled Leela's head down as she leaned back with one arm out in Spanish style. That was when the song ended, and as soon as the last note sounded, Amy broke away and began clapping with the others for the DJ. Leela joined in after coming out of her daze, a good ten claps or so behind everyone else. Then, before the DJ could start up again, quickly spoke to Amy.

"I think I'm all danced out after that," she said, hoping that her face wasn't as red as it felt. "It was very... rigorous dancing."

"The mighty Captain Leela not as fit as she makes out, huh?" Amy teased.

"Something like that," Leela simply admitted.

"What do you want to do now then?" Amy asked.

"Maybe I'll just go home." She was trying to weasel her way out of this. Being near Amy was making her uncomfortable.

"Awwww, please don't," Amy pouted. "This has been so much fun. And it's not even midnight yet."

"I dunno... I'm kind of tired."

Amy made another moan, but within seconds perked up a bit and then took something out of her handbag.

"Wait! We could use these," she said, waving the two bits of paper in her hand. "Then we can still have fun and hang out without getting tired."

"What are they?" Leela asked doubtfully.

"Hotel reservations," Amy said. "I got them for Kiff and me. We don't actually have to stay there, but we can use the services, otherwise they'll go to waste anyway. There's a swimming pool, a hot tub, a sauna, and they serve food and wine, and can even give you massages."

"I dunno..."

"Pleeeeeeeease, Leela?"

She considered it. Amy was really, really pleading her. Perhaps it would be relaxing. And there'd be no more raunchy dancing.

"Alright then," she caved. "Let's go."


After arriving and picking up the keys from the front desk, they entered their room. Both of them had restored their garments to their original forms again now, and were both wowed by the room. There was a large queen-sized bed, a special massaging couch/bench, and a window-side hot-tub, as well as an elegant couch and large-screen TV, mini-bar and a fireplace.

"Wow! This must have cost a fortune!" Leela said.

"Yeah, but it was worth it," Amy smiled, closing the door behind them, and immediately running over to the phone at the bedside. "Now let's get a massage straight away."

As Amy made the phone call to the front desk to get a masseur, Leela found a remote on the coffee table. It had loads of buttons on it, and she noticed one that said 'fire' and pressed it. She jumped a little as the fireplace instantly burst into flames. She pressed another that had lights on it, then noticed as the lights changed color. She turned a dial too that made them either dim or brighten. Leela tested it out, and when they were about halfway between off and normal, she heard Amy say, "leave them at that setting."

She turned, and upon seeing Amy walk towards her with the dimmed lights and glow of the fire, that uneasiness she had in the Hip Joint returned.

"I like the lights dimmed like that. It's very romantic."

Leela almost physically gulped at that final word. Why was she feeling this strange around Amy tonight?

"I'll make us some drinks while we wait," Amy said, trotting over to the bar.

"Not for me, thanks," Leela objected. "I think I've had enough."

"Nonsense! You're still standing," Amy said with a playful wink. "Besides, you just have to try my Virgin Amy."

Awkwardness rose for Leela.

"Not that I am mind you," Amy added with a wink.

More awkwardness. Leela didn't really have time to make another objection, as the drink was made and in her hand pretty quickly. Amy touched her glass to Leela's, and they both drank. Leela had to admit, it tasted good. But it was the effects it would bring on top of an already healthy consumption of champagne that night that worried her. She now knew that it was a mistake to come here with Amy, and she should have said put her foot down at The Hip Joint about that. Now there were more drinks, and dimmed lights and a fireplace didn't help either. What Amy did next just added to that.

"Better get ready for the massage I suppose," she said, finishing her drink.

She removed her belt, then began trying to take off her dress, reaching around the back. However, she seemed to be having some difficulty.

"Something wrong?" Leela asked.

"Yeah, the zipper's stuck!" Amy whined, and then turned her back to Leela. "You're stronger than me... can you get it?"

Leela stepped forward reluctantly, then took hold of the zipper. Amy was right, it was definitely stuck. Leela kept on trying though, but it was being stubborn. Eventually she worked it lose.

"Got it!" she said with triumph.

Leela wasn't sure why, but for some reason she began to unzip the dress slowly down Amy's back, revealing more and more of her skin. Part of her expected Amy to be wearing nothing on top underneath this dress, but the Chinese/Martian girl did have a small, black bra by the looks of things.

"Thanks," Amy said, turning around and slipping the rest of the dress off. She stepped out of the garment and stood there in just her underwear. Leela's eye, for some reason beyond her power, traveled straight to Amy's breasts.

"Like them?" Leela heard Amy ask. She jumped out of her semi-trance.


"My underwear," Amy said proudly, doing a semi model-like pose. "They're made of a special, expensive fabric that's both silky soft, but at the same time rigid and able to hold the right shape with full support. They cost a bundle."

"They... look really nice."

"Yeah, and they feel good too," Amy said. "Go ahead... touch the bra."

"No... no thanks," Leela refused.

"Go on, I don't mind," Amy said. "Feel how smooth and soft the material is."

Despite her better judgment given the situation so far, Leela reached out and stroked the material covering Amy's right breast. It was indeed very smooth and silken, though she did feel a slight bump at one point. It was Amy's nipple. Something compelled her to keep rubbing.

"Nice, huh?" Amy asked, and then, after a little more rubbing from Leela, added something else with a slightly red face.

"You can stop now. It's nice, but it's not that nice."

There was a brief moment between them after Leela withdrew her hand, both staring at each other speechlessly. It didn't last more than three seconds, as the phone rang. Amy immediately rushed to get it, while Leela shook her head to try and clear it.

"Hello?" Amy said into the phone.

"Yes, I'm just calling to tell you that because of our busy Valentine's Day night, that I'm afraid all our masseurs and masseuses are busy," said a female voice at the other end. "We won't be able to get you one for another hour minimum."

Amy moaned disappointedly.

"Sorry," the voice said again. "Do you want us to still send you one in an hours time or so?"

"No," Amy sighed. "Don't worry about it."

She hung up and told Leela the situation, then sighed again. She looked at Leela again, with a slightly odd look on her face.

"What if we gave each other a massage?"


"Come on... you've given shoulder rubs to all of us at Planet Express before."

"Yeah... but a massage is a bit different," Leela said, trying to weasel out of it.

"Nonsense," Amy said, then she walked over to the massage table and lay face down on it. "You give me a go, and then I'll do you."

"You're just drunk," Leela said.

"Yeah, but so are you," Amy giggled. "And we're not completely out of it. Now come on..."

Leela walked over to Amy tentatively and sat on the high stool beside the table. She gingerly put her hands on Amy's bare back and lightly began to rub.

"I thought you were supposed to be strong," Amy teased. "Come on... put some effort into it."

Leela decided she might as well do it properly. The sooner she did it right, the sooner she could stop. The feel of Amy's smooth back skin though wasn't exactly unpleasant to the touch.

"Mmmmmmmmmm..." Amy moaned in approval. "That's more like it."

Leela smiled nervously for a second and kept going.

"Just unclip my bra if it's in the way," Amy said.

"Okay," Leela answered quickly. She wasn't quite sure why she agreed so fast. She unclipped the black, silken garment and let it drape down atop the table. Thankfully with Amy lying down like that she couldn't see her breasts anyway. She kept at it.

"Mmmmmmmmm..." Amy moaned again. "Your hands feel so good, Leela. I mean, you've given me a shoulder rub once before, but this is something else. Oh, and could you put on some music."

Leela noticed a clock radio on the bedside dresser nearby and switched it on. Some nice, soft music began to play through as she kept at it. She was reluctantly enjoying herself, and the feel of Amy's skin in her hands was magic to her. She'd never felt skin so smooth and soft, and she was somewhat disturbing herself again because of this. She moved to Amy's upper legs after about two minutes of this and began massaging them, but was careful to avoid the inner part of them. This only lasted about half a minute, because a song came on the radio suddenly that made Amy call a halt to the process. A song Leela knew all too well.

"Hey!" Amy said. "It's that great song from The Hip Joint! Let's dance again!"

"I thought we weren't going to dance any more," Leela grumbled.

Amy reached around and reattached her bra, sitting up as soon as she had.

"Awwww, come on... be a sport, Leela," she said.

Leela didn't have much choice, as Amy grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the bed of all places. Amy then leapt up atop the bed and started dancing to the Spanish music like she had earlier, though this time of course she was in her underwear. Leela was awestruck.

"Come on up!" Amy encouraged.

"No thanks," Leela said. "Besides, I can't dance in this dress."

"Who cares," Amy said with carefree abandon. "Who's going to see you?"

Amy pulled Leela up, and continued dancing. Leela decided she might as well join in until the song was over. She only lasted about twenty seconds, as a bump from Amy's backside combined with an awkward dress and unstable dancing surface sent Leela tumbling.



Leela fell forward, taking Amy down with her, and knocking the stereo off the bedside dresser to silence it. When she opened her eye, she could see Amy was right under her, staring back up. Leela went bright red, as did Amy. For about five seconds, they just stayed like that, looking at each other. Then, Amy pulled herself up a bit, and pulled Leela down to her, and their lips met for the first time. On first contact it was a simple contact of lips. Then, there was a slight peck. Then, more of a semi-slurp, and on fourth contact, both pairs of lips latched onto each other. Amy slurped at Leela's mouth, suckling on her bottom lip now and then, and seeking her tongue with her own. Eventually she found it, and it submissed after the initial hiding. Leela had given in simply because it was the softest, most sensual and pleasant kiss she'd ever experienced. After what seemed like an age, but was only about ten seconds, they stopped, looking at each other again for a brief moment.

"I've gotta go!" Leela said, almost as one word, tearing away from Amy and towards the door.

"Leela! Wait!" Amy called as she sat up, one hand outreaching. But the cyclops was already gone as the second word was said. Amy just sighed and plonked back down on the bed.


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