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Leelas mind: Fry, just be quiet. Frys mind: Oh… ok. Leela: I’m gonna go get some rest, and then well get the hell outta this
dump. Leela walks out of the cargo bay. Bender (counting Leelas money): Youre the boss. Hehe… CUT TO: Space, near Catastrophicon 5. A few hours later. The PE ship is blasting off from the planets surface and is heading for
home. CUT TO: Inside the PE ship, bridgeLeela is at the helm, piloting the ship like she always does, Fry is
sitting on the passenger couch and Bender is pretending to read a book
called understanding human emotion but the book is turned upside down and
he has in fact a robot pornomag inside it. Leela: *sigh* With the engines damaged itll take almost a full day to get
back to earth. Fry: Ugh. Bo-o-ring. What are we gonna do for a whole day? Bender (looking up from behind his literature): We can have a laser-gun
duel and Ill bet on Leela. Fry: Hey? Why Leela? I beat her fair and square in that internet video
game. Leela: The only reason you beat me is because I was upset at the fact that
you wrecked my one chance to find my true home. Fry: Good thing we found out you were from earth then. Leela: It wasnt quite what I expected I can tell you that… Their small talk is interrupted by a loud *thud*! Leela: *groan* What is it THIS time!? A vidphone comes down from the ceiling and Zapps face flickers into
existence. …to be continued!

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