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Leela: Awww, Leela want to stay to look at nice cave… Frys mind: NO! You dont! Come back here now! Leela (crossing her arms): NO! I wont follow you anymore! You no fun! Frys mind: I got a candy bar. Leela: OH! Yummy! (She darts away)Frys mind: Uh, you gotta bring the dollies or Lee–… uh… the door wont
open… Leela: Ow phooey. (she mutters something about backseat driving as she gets
back and grabs the dollies)CUT TO: Inside the PE ship, main hall. Fry, having successfully guided Leela back to the cargo bay with both
dollies, is still sound asleep. Bender, having watched most of the
spectacle via the ships monitors, greets her in the cargo bay. Bender: Hey skintube! I must admit Im mighty impressed by your giant
stupidity! Yessir, I thought only Fry was capable of throwing himself into
certain death but this, oooh, this was really something. Hey, are you even
listening to me? Leela: Duuuuh? Frys mind: Come on Leela! Snap out of it! Theres no gas in here, you
should be fine. Leela (looks as shes getting a headache): Fry?… uuhhh… Bender (grabbing Leelas wallet): Whats the matter? You snapping out of
it? Leela: Uhh. Oh my head… Remind me to never do that again… Frys mind: YES! Leela, we did it! Leelas mind: We did? I cant remember a thing… Frys mind: Aw, crap. This is just like last time. Im once again the
unknown hero of the universe… ok, maybe not the universe but still this
planet… …to be continued!

Leela, now standing outside, can feel her
consciousness slip into stupor. Her last thought was Here goes nothing…. I’m counting on you Fry… Frys mind: Leela? Leela, can you hear me? Leela: Duuuh. Frys mind: Oh man, shes whacked out. I sure hope this works (he
concentrates on his love). Leela (noticing her body begins to move by itself): Oooh. Leela moving. Leela go for ride! She walks over to the hover dollies and loads them with the 3 crates. Leela: Weeeee! Frys mind: Oh boy, shes really out of it. It reminds me so much of that
time… (he begins to think about the events in The day the earth stood
stupid)Leela suddenly drops to the ground, Frys attention apparently distracted. Leela: Aww, no more ride for Leela? Leela go make own ride! Leela begins to run around wailing like a fire truck. Fry snaps out of his
flashback, cursing his short attention span. Frys mind: Dammit! I spaced out. Leela? Leela!? Leela: Oooo, no fire to put out! Maybe Leela MAKE fire!? (She pulls out her
laser gun she forgot to put away before going out)Frys mind: Oh my GOD! Shes found her gun! Concentrate fry, CONCENTRATE
DAMMIT! Frys face is becoming red and his body is sweat profusely from the extreme
effort. Leela (noticing her hand about to drop the gun): What? No fire? NO FAIR! (She begins to counter Frys remote mind control)Frys mind: Unnngghhh… No… Dont do this
Leela….. please……….. plea.. se… …to be continued!

(gives Bender an irritated
look) alone!Bender: Fine! If you guys want to consummate your so-called relationship
right now, then Ill just go get some well deserved down-time with my
liquor-still. Have fun, chumps! ( he leaves).Fry: Uh, what was that all about?Leela: Nothing, hes just jumping to his own conclusions again.Fry: Oh. So, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?Leela: Well, I have been thinking. When we flew through the asteroid field
I took control of your body temporarily, maybe you could do the same thing
to me if I were to go out there.Fry: But Leela! If you go out there, you might never come back! Youll go
out of your mind as soon as you step out the airlock!Leela: I know. But perhaps if you could take over at that point, we could
actually pull this through since your mind seems immune to the stuff.Fry: Hmm. That could work I suppose, but…. are you sure you can trust
me with control over your body?Leela: …..Fry: I might lose it halfway through and then youll be gone forever!Leela: …..Fry: Please Leela! I dont think I could handle it if I lose not only my
chance for you to go out with me but you as my friend as well.Leela: ….. You wont lose me Fry. Its me were talking about, remember?
I am the one who usually saves _your_ ass.Fry: But…Leela (puts her finger to his mouth): Shhhh. Lets just do it, ok?Fry: ……..kay…CUT TO: PE ship cargo bay.Leela is standing next to the cargo lift with the 2 ho …to be continued!

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