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Hey, guys… My first fic here, but don’t think that means you have to be nice. I love all reviews, even flames, mostly because flames are usually true, if they’re about the writing style. So, eh, yep. This is sort of a song fic, but not really. Well, it incorperates the song ‘Hey There Delilah’, but in this fic it’s ‘Hey there Leela’, because Fry writes it. Not as corny as it sounds, at least I don’t think so…

(hopefully) happy reading,


p.s- oh, almost forgot, there isn’t any Bender Fry slash in this, even though some of those stories are pretty good… If it seems strange to you, just remember I’m trying to go for a strong friendship bond, and almost an implied parental figure… You’ll just have to read. He he…

Inside Robo Apartments, a bending unit was mumbling in his sleep as he usually did. Kill all humans…

With a small whirring of gears, he awoke to his internal alarm system. Yawning and stretching, Bender made his way into his closet, where the meatbags snores could be heard all the way to Neptune.

Sure enough, hunched over on the couch was Fry, holophoner still clutched in his once more human hands and his cheek plastered to the cover of a holophoner practice book. He had fallen asleep practicing again, and his drool was making a small puddle on the cover of My First Holophoner. Bender paused, looking upon the scene with amusement, disgust, and some fuzzy feeling he didnt quite want to place.

Bender slowly slid the practice book from underneath Frys cheek, rolled it up, and whacked him, hard, on the head.

Rise and shine, meatbag! Fry yelped as he lost his balance, rolled off the couch, and planted his face into the carpet. There he grumbled something unintelligible into the wooly fibers of the floor, waving his hand as if to shoo the robot away.

Bender narrowed his eyes. It wasnt usually this hard to wake hi Read the rest of this entry »

That is what you felt? Leelas mind: Well… yeah… Frys mind: Nothing more? Leelas mind: Umm… Ah… no… Frys mind (sad): *sigh* I see… A moment passes without any of them saying another word, mentally or
verbally. The moment turns into minutes and the minutes into hours. Almost 3 hours has passed until Leela finally tries to speak again. Leelas mind: Fry? Unfortunately she feels that Fry has once again fallen asleep and
apparently does not want to talk to her anymore. She sighs and resigns her
attempt, although it still leaves her somewhat uneasy and with a sense of
sadness that wont go away… A few hours later Leela has fallen asleep as well. She entered the darkness
in her dream again but the only thing she found was a sleeping Fry, he
didnt want to dream this night obviously and Leela could hardly blame him. After all, he had received yet another confirmation of his suspicions that
she wasnt interested in him any further than basic friendship. Leela let
out a heavy sigh, still not sure why she couldnt just tell him how she
really felt. Eventually, she lay herself down beside him and fell asleep in
her sleep as well (not too confusing I hope ;) ). CUT TO: Frys cell, later that night. (Right… like there is a day and
night in outer space… )Fry is sleeping peacefully for once when an object falls from the
ventilation system and hits him in the head, making a hollow *bonk* sound. He immediately wakes up. Fry: Hey!? …to be continued!

She sighs a bit and lets Fry control her again. She walks up to the hover
dollies again and pushes them in front of her as she heads towards the
caves. CUT TO: PE ship bridge. Bender: Aw, crap… goodbye sweet promotion… *sigh* Oh well.. (he chugs
down some more beer and continues to watch Leelas little quest)CUT BACK TO: Outside the PE ship, Volcano cave. As Leela approaches the caves, she becomes a bit uneasy but Fry is
determined to not lose control over her again and so she enters without
hesitation. Leela: Ohh.. spooky… She moves down the many corridors pushing the two hover dollies in front of
her, they limit her sightline a bit but other then that everything seems to
be working fine for once. She comes across a large steel door shaped like a giant cogwheel. Leela: Oooh, big door. Leela knock? Frys mind: Personally I dont think that would help much, lets just use
the panel thingy next to it. Leela: Caaaaaaaan dooooo! Leela walks over to the console and looks down on it. It has several
buttons but Fry (in a sudden streak of intelligence) decides to go with the
button labelled push me. Leela pushes it and a faint doorbell sound can
be heard from the other side. A few moments later the giant cogwheel begins to move to one side,
revealing a round entrance. The outline of several humanoid figures can be
seen through the blinding light coming from the other side. …to be continued!

p>Fry begins to concentrate, as much as he is capable of anyways. Leela
struggles with her own self-preservation reflexes for a while but finally
gives way to the probing thoughts of her friend.One of her hands twitches a little, the flies up and hits Leela squarely in
the face!Leelas mind: Hey! Watch it!Frys mind: Oops! Sorry about that. Man this feels weird…Leelas mind: Try to use a little less force… gently now…Leelas left arm begins to move, it begins to wave around in the air.Frys mind: Wooowooo!Leelas mind: Good! Try walking now…Leelas legs begins to move slightly… her left leg takes a step….
then…she falls down with a sounding *thud*!Leela: Ow! That hurt.Frys mind: Ahh, sorry! Um… Do you want to quit?Leelas mind: Just dont that that again ok?Frys mind: Ill try.Leela after much effort gets up, and takes a step forward.Leelas mind: Good. You got that right, now lets go for a walk.Leela walks around the cargo bay for a minute or two, it seems as if Fry
has gotten the hang of this after all.Leelas mind: Great! Now lets get this over with.Leela takes back control for a moment and begins to operate the cargo life
via her WristThingy . The lift carries both her and the hover dollies out
of the ship and onto the planets surface. Gas begins to seep into the ship
through the open cargo bay but it is soon cleared by the already active
ventilation system. A few moments after Leela steps off the lift, it
returns to …to be continued!