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That is what you felt? Leelas mind: Well… yeah… Frys mind: Nothing more? Leelas mind: Umm… Ah… no… Frys mind (sad): *sigh* I see… A moment passes without any of them saying another word, mentally or
verbally. The moment turns into minutes and the minutes into hours. Almost 3 hours has passed until Leela finally tries to speak again. Leelas mind: Fry? Unfortunately she feels that Fry has once again fallen asleep and
apparently does not want to talk to her anymore. She sighs and resigns her
attempt, although it still leaves her somewhat uneasy and with a sense of
sadness that wont go away… A few hours later Leela has fallen asleep as well. She entered the darkness
in her dream again but the only thing she found was a sleeping Fry, he
didnt want to dream this night obviously and Leela could hardly blame him. After all, he had received yet another confirmation of his suspicions that
she wasnt interested in him any further than basic friendship. Leela let
out a heavy sigh, still not sure why she couldnt just tell him how she
really felt. Eventually, she lay herself down beside him and fell asleep in
her sleep as well (not too confusing I hope ;) ). CUT TO: Frys cell, later that night. (Right… like there is a day and
night in outer space… )Fry is sleeping peacefully for once when an object falls from the
ventilation system and hits him in the head, making a hollow *bonk* sound. He immediately wakes up. Fry: Hey!? …to be continued!

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?Leelas mind: Hes a robot, they probably shut him down and stashed him in
the storage room … or somewhere where they can always keep an eye on him .CUT TO: Inside one of the Nimbus corridorsWe can see a barely closed door with a robot arm hanging out, and two guys
are walking past .Guard 1: But, wont he find out about it ?Guard 2: Hey, do _you_ wanna drag that stinking piece of machinery all the
way down to storage ?Guard 1: Well, no . But I still think the broom closet was a bad idea …CUT TO: Previous shotFrys mind: Yeah youre right, hell be fine .A pause again (man we get a lot of these nowadays) .Frys mind: Leela ?Leelas mind: Yes ?Frys mind: Can I ax you a question ?Leelas mind: Go right ahead . I’m not going anywhere .Frys mind: Why did you offer yourself to do the delivery on that planet ? I
mean, not only were there gases and stupid radiation stuff, you even let me
control your body . Why ? We couldve just gone home and forgot about the
whole thing . Hermes and the professor wouldve been angry at us for sure
but it was such a huge risk you took .Leelas mind: I … Im not sure Fry .Frys mind: Surely there must be a reason ?Leelas mind: I … just felt I could trust you on that one .Frys mind: How comes that ?Leelas mind: Uhh . Well, I did feel kinda guilty that you had to go through
all those things you showed me in the dream … I wanted to make it up to
you …F …to be continued!