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Zapp: No. Leela: *groan*They finally arrive at Leelas cell and she is tossed in there as Zapp
activates its force field. Zapp: Its a shame it has to end this way beautiful, had our paths turned
out differently I wouldve had you as my…. assistant long ago. Zapp: Until we meet again (Zapp blows her a small kiss)Leela: Ugh! CUT TO: Inside the Nimbus, Frys cell. Fry is walking back and forth inside his cell. He hadnt seen Bender since
they were taken away. He assumed that they wouldve put him in his own
cell, or deactivated him or something… Fry: Crud… This was definitely _not_ the way I hoped to get back home. *sigh* I wonder if Leelas alright… (he sits down on the cot and closes
his eyes)Frys mind: Leela? Are you there? Leelas mind (annoyed): Yeah, I’m here. Where else would I be? Frys mind: They didnt hurt you or anything? Leelas mind: No, not really. Although Zapp seemed to insinuate that
someone might later. Frys mind: Insi-wha? Leelas mind: Uh, nothing… Some time passes without any of them say anything… Leelas mind: Soooo. What happened with you then, where are you staying? Frys mind (sarcastic): A lovely little hotel called 67B I think…. thats
what the neon sign says outside the cell anyways. Leelas mind: Mmm? Not too far from mine then, 45A. Frys mind: Really? Leelas mind (also sarcastic): Yeah. Only 3 floors and 250 meters. Frys mind (disappointed): Oh… Leelas mind: Mmmm. …to be continued!

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CUT TO: Previous shotZapp (and Kif) is standing by the ship stairs, a group of the Nimbus crew
are standing around him with laser rifles in hand as Leela, Fry and Bender
walk down. Zapp: Well, well. We meet in person once more my lovely. Too bad its under
such unfortunate circumstances. Leela (still annoyed): Look, just throw us in the brig already. Im tired
of your constant babble. Zapp: As the lady commands. Kif! Escort these war criminals to the
detention block, I shall personally interrogate the leader of these
outlaws. Kif: *sigh* As you say, captain… (Kif and some of the men take Bender and
Fry away)Zapp: Now then my pretty, lets find out who youre working for… (he
begins walking towards the detention block with a laser gun pointed towards
Leela)Leela: Just give it up Zapp. Im working for Planet Express and have been
doing so for more than two years now and you know it! Zapp: Aha! But how do I know youre not involved in some neutral plot to
turn the tide of the pacifists war machine!? Leela: The pacifists dont even HAVE a war machine. Theyve been at peace
for over 200 years! Zapp: Ah yes, that is what they want you to believe isnt it? Leela: Of course. Because its the truth! Zapp: Really? Then how do you explain the vast quantinity of ships that
gathered around their capital mmm? Leela: They were celebrating their annual crystal flower festival! …to be continued!

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