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    A hooded man approaches LeelaLeader: Are you the Planet Express delivery crew? Leela: Duuuuh? The leader scratches his head, but notices the crates are marked with the
    Planet Express logo. Leader: I see, well, you are LATE! These supplies shouldve been here
    yesterday! Leela: Leela bring boxes. Fun stuff? Leader: Eh? Are you alright? Leela: Leela feel splinter in hand. Leela think fine otherwise. Leader: Uh Riiiiight. Anyway, you have the paperwork I have to sign for
    these things? Leela: Leela bring blocky paper thingy, You want? Leader: Uh, yeah… give it here… Leela just stands there looking at some stalactites in the cave. Fry
    notices and have her take out the clipboard and give it to the man. He
    takes it and signs it with some strange symbols. Leader (hands her the clipboard back): There you go. Now get outta here
    before I decide to steal the crates and put you in the broom closet. Leela: Leela want play with brooms! Leela make good witch! The leader doesnt play her any attention, he instead has two guards unload
    the crates inside the door and leave the dollies by Leelas side. He walks
    back into the complex. Leader (as the door closes behind him): Urgh, if it wasnt for the fact
    that were stuck here with the rest of our race wiped out by chemical bombs
    I would never put up with this shit… Leela: Bye! Come visit again sometime!? (The door closes with a *Clang*)Frys mind: Phew, that went reasonably well. …to be continued!

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