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    I personally cant see what he sees in you…Leela: Bender, just be quiet. You have no idea what youre talking about.Bender: Riiight. Just because I’m a robot doesnt mean I’m stupid like Fry.
    All the strange looks you give each other, those times where you just sit
    there and stare into each others eyes and… urgh… I think I’m getting
    sick…Leela: That wasnt love bender…Bender: Oh yeah!? Then what?Leela: It was….uh…As on cue, Fry steps into the bridge just in time to interrupt the
    conversation and save some embarrassment for Leela.Fry: Hi Bender, What up? (He spots Leela sitting on the couch) Oh…hi
    Leela….. (He sits himself down at the tactical station, never even
    meeting Leelas gaze. They sit there in awkward silence for a while.
    Finally Fry speaks.Fry: So.. Any ideas on how to complete the delivery?Bender: Nope! Me and Leela cant do it cause the radiation will screw up
    our heads, and you cant do it cause the gases will screw up your body.
    Lets just dump the crates and go home.Leela (getting an idea): Ah… I think I know a way.Bender: My suggestion to just throw Fry out the airlock and have the
    mutation done with? Alright! Lets do it! (He gets up)Leela (getting PO): *GROAN* No, you pitiful excuse for a tin can! That is
    NOT what I meant!Both Bender and Fry look at quizzically after her sudden outburst.Leela: Uh… I mean… I wasnt thinking about that. There might be another
    way, but Ill have to talk to Fry about it…. …to be continued!

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