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    he still hasnt gone insane. I know I
    wouldve broken down completely if I had done so much and still to no
    avail…..He…He must truly be in love with me…She just kept sitting there for a long while. A minute? An hour? She did
    not really know how much time had passed until she finally got up, dressed
    and headed for the bridge.CUT TO: PE ship bridgeBender was sitting in the pilot seat, drinking as usual. Leela steps into
    the room.Bender: Hey meatbag! Youre up bright and early, craving some of ol
    Benders breakfast cuisine eh?Leela (she sits down at one of the passenger couches): Thanks Bender but
    I’m really not hungry.Bender: Hey? Are you alright? You havent even shown the smallest tendency
    to yell at me for occupying your seat.Leela (looks up): Huh? No, its nothing. I was just thinking about
    something.Bender: You and Fry have been acting really weird lately, is it something
    you cant tell me? Cause in that case, I’ll just go pry it outta Fry. Hes
    still asleep in his bunk so that wont pose too much of a challenge.Leela: *sigh* Just let it pass Bender, I’m really not in the mood.Bender just look quizzically at her, surprised she didnt even react to
    that.Bender: What…IS…with you? Ooooh, Now I get it! Youre in love with that
    squishy skintube arent you?Leela: What? Noooo…..Bender (chuckling to himself): Hehe, its about frickin time! Frys been
    after you ever since the day you thawed him out. Guess he finally got
    though to ya huh? Though …to be continued!

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