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(gives Bender an irritated
look) alone!Bender: Fine! If you guys want to consummate your so-called relationship
right now, then Ill just go get some well deserved down-time with my
liquor-still. Have fun, chumps! ( he leaves).Fry: Uh, what was that all about?Leela: Nothing, hes just jumping to his own conclusions again.Fry: Oh. So, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?Leela: Well, I have been thinking. When we flew through the asteroid field
I took control of your body temporarily, maybe you could do the same thing
to me if I were to go out there.Fry: But Leela! If you go out there, you might never come back! Youll go
out of your mind as soon as you step out the airlock!Leela: I know. But perhaps if you could take over at that point, we could
actually pull this through since your mind seems immune to the stuff.Fry: Hmm. That could work I suppose, but…. are you sure you can trust
me with control over your body?Leela: …..Fry: I might lose it halfway through and then youll be gone forever!Leela: …..Fry: Please Leela! I dont think I could handle it if I lose not only my
chance for you to go out with me but you as my friend as well.Leela: ….. You wont lose me Fry. Its me were talking about, remember?
I am the one who usually saves _your_ ass.Fry: But…Leela (puts her finger to his mouth): Shhhh. Lets just do it, ok?Fry: ……..kay…CUT TO: PE ship cargo bay.Leela is standing next to the cargo lift with the 2 ho …to be continued!

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I personally cant see what he sees in you…Leela: Bender, just be quiet. You have no idea what youre talking about.Bender: Riiight. Just because I’m a robot doesnt mean I’m stupid like Fry.
All the strange looks you give each other, those times where you just sit
there and stare into each others eyes and… urgh… I think I’m getting
sick…Leela: That wasnt love bender…Bender: Oh yeah!? Then what?Leela: It was….uh…As on cue, Fry steps into the bridge just in time to interrupt the
conversation and save some embarrassment for Leela.Fry: Hi Bender, What up? (He spots Leela sitting on the couch) Oh…hi
Leela….. (He sits himself down at the tactical station, never even
meeting Leelas gaze. They sit there in awkward silence for a while.
Finally Fry speaks.Fry: So.. Any ideas on how to complete the delivery?Bender: Nope! Me and Leela cant do it cause the radiation will screw up
our heads, and you cant do it cause the gases will screw up your body.
Lets just dump the crates and go home.Leela (getting an idea): Ah… I think I know a way.Bender: My suggestion to just throw Fry out the airlock and have the
mutation done with? Alright! Lets do it! (He gets up)Leela (getting PO): *GROAN* No, you pitiful excuse for a tin can! That is
NOT what I meant!Both Bender and Fry look at quizzically after her sudden outburst.Leela: Uh… I mean… I wasnt thinking about that. There might be another
way, but Ill have to talk to Fry about it…. …to be continued!

he still hasnt gone insane. I know I
wouldve broken down completely if I had done so much and still to no
avail…..He…He must truly be in love with me…She just kept sitting there for a long while. A minute? An hour? She did
not really know how much time had passed until she finally got up, dressed
and headed for the bridge.CUT TO: PE ship bridgeBender was sitting in the pilot seat, drinking as usual. Leela steps into
the room.Bender: Hey meatbag! Youre up bright and early, craving some of ol
Benders breakfast cuisine eh?Leela (she sits down at one of the passenger couches): Thanks Bender but
I’m really not hungry.Bender: Hey? Are you alright? You havent even shown the smallest tendency
to yell at me for occupying your seat.Leela (looks up): Huh? No, its nothing. I was just thinking about
something.Bender: You and Fry have been acting really weird lately, is it something
you cant tell me? Cause in that case, I’ll just go pry it outta Fry. Hes
still asleep in his bunk so that wont pose too much of a challenge.Leela: *sigh* Just let it pass Bender, I’m really not in the mood.Bender just look quizzically at her, surprised she didnt even react to
that.Bender: What…IS…with you? Ooooh, Now I get it! Youre in love with that
squishy skintube arent you?Leela: What? Noooo…..Bender (chuckling to himself): Hehe, its about frickin time! Frys been
after you ever since the day you thawed him out. Guess he finally got
though to ya huh? Though …to be continued!