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Futurama xxx story part 18: No more secrets part 2 Chapter 1

Voice from the ceiling: Im a friend. I’m here to help you escape! Fry: Bender! Oh, I was so worried about you. What happened to you? Voice from the ceiling: Uh… I’m not Bender… Fry: Youre not? But you said you were my friend. Voice from the ceiling: Im another of your friends. Fry: Amy!? What are you doing here? Voice from the ceiling: *groan* Ok, I give up. I’m not your friend. Fry: Oh. Then why are you helping me escape? Voice from the ceiling (mumbling incoherently): Does it really matter!? Fry: Well, yeah. You could be an accomplice of Zapp or Kif or Nixon or… Voice from the ceiling: Look, I’m just sent here to help you… Fry: Aha! So someone DID send you here! Who is it? Is it Hermes? Voice from the ceiling (getting really annoyed): NO! I’m NOT sent by
Hermes, I’m NOT your friend and I’m NOT an accomplice! Now do you want to
escape or not!?!? Fry: Gee, you dont have to get so upset. Voice from the ceiling: I axed you a question! Fry: Wha-? Voice from the ceiling (furious): IM A GODAMN AGENT ALRIGHT!? IVE BEEN
SENT HERE TO FREE YOUR SORRY ASS!! CANT YOU JUST ACCEPT THAT!?!? Fry: Alright, alright. Ill listen already… Voice from the ceiling (somewhat relieved): Finally… Now look, that thing
I just dropped on you will deactivate the force field to the cells on this
ship. Use it to free yourself and your captain. Voice from the ceiling: Ive also located your robot. …to be continued!

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Futurama xxx story part 14: No more secrets part 2 Chapter 1

CUT TO: Previous shotZapp (and Kif) is standing by the ship stairs, a group of the Nimbus crew
are standing around him with laser rifles in hand as Leela, Fry and Bender
walk down. Zapp: Well, well. We meet in person once more my lovely. Too bad its under
such unfortunate circumstances. Leela (still annoyed): Look, just throw us in the brig already. Im tired
of your constant babble. Zapp: As the lady commands. Kif! Escort these war criminals to the
detention block, I shall personally interrogate the leader of these
outlaws. Kif: *sigh* As you say, captain… (Kif and some of the men take Bender and
Fry away)Zapp: Now then my pretty, lets find out who youre working for… (he
begins walking towards the detention block with a laser gun pointed towards
Leela)Leela: Just give it up Zapp. Im working for Planet Express and have been
doing so for more than two years now and you know it! Zapp: Aha! But how do I know youre not involved in some neutral plot to
turn the tide of the pacifists war machine!? Leela: The pacifists dont even HAVE a war machine. Theyve been at peace
for over 200 years! Zapp: Ah yes, that is what they want you to believe isnt it? Leela: Of course. Because its the truth! Zapp: Really? Then how do you explain the vast quantinity of ships that
gathered around their capital mmm? Leela: They were celebrating their annual crystal flower festival! …to be continued!

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Futurama xxx story part 13: No more secrets part 2 Chapter 1

uh… Leela (annoyed): Lets just skip the details and get right to the point. What do you want Zapp? Zapp (seductively): Oh my. The craving for the Zapper has returned, yes? Leela (disgusted): Would you cut that OUT!? I’m _not_ interested in
sleeping with you _ever_ again! Cant you just accept that? Zapp (disappointed): No. You know you want me, you just dont know it yet. But I still will have to detain you and your ship for consorting with the
enemy, (seductively) we can talk about _us_ later (makes a kissing motion
before the vidphone returns to the ceiling)Leela: Ugh! CUT TO: Space. The Nimbus launched fighters that escort the PE ship into one of its many
docking bays. There appears to be no escape this time. CUT TO: Inside the Nimbus, Docking bay 12. The PE ship sets down and is immediately sealed inside by two large steel
doors. As the bay is pressurized, the PE ship is surrounded by a platoon of
Zapps loyal men as well has Zapp himself. CUT TO: Inside the PE ship, bridge. Leela gets up from the pilot seat. Leela: *sigh* Well guys, it looks like we will have to deal with Zapp
again. I was hoping Id never have to see him again since the time he court-
martialled you Fry, but I guess that was just too much to hope for. Fry: Aw, dont worry Leela. Youll get us out of this, you always do. …to be continued!

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Futurama xxx story part 11: No more secrets part 2 Chapter 1

Leela: Awww, Leela want to stay to look at nice cave… Frys mind: NO! You dont! Come back here now! Leela (crossing her arms): NO! I wont follow you anymore! You no fun! Frys mind: I got a candy bar. Leela: OH! Yummy! (She darts away)Frys mind: Uh, you gotta bring the dollies or Lee–… uh… the door wont
open… Leela: Ow phooey. (she mutters something about backseat driving as she gets
back and grabs the dollies)CUT TO: Inside the PE ship, main hall. Fry, having successfully guided Leela back to the cargo bay with both
dollies, is still sound asleep. Bender, having watched most of the
spectacle via the ships monitors, greets her in the cargo bay. Bender: Hey skintube! I must admit Im mighty impressed by your giant
stupidity! Yessir, I thought only Fry was capable of throwing himself into
certain death but this, oooh, this was really something. Hey, are you even
listening to me? Leela: Duuuuh? Frys mind: Come on Leela! Snap out of it! Theres no gas in here, you
should be fine. Leela (looks as shes getting a headache): Fry?… uuhhh… Bender (grabbing Leelas wallet): Whats the matter? You snapping out of
it? Leela: Uhh. Oh my head… Remind me to never do that again… Frys mind: YES! Leela, we did it! Leelas mind: We did? I cant remember a thing… Frys mind: Aw, crap. This is just like last time. Im once again the
unknown hero of the universe… ok, maybe not the universe but still this
planet… …to be continued!

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Futurama xxx story part 7: No more secrets part 2 Chapter 1

Leela, now standing outside, can feel her
consciousness slip into stupor. Her last thought was Here goes nothing…. I’m counting on you Fry… Frys mind: Leela? Leela, can you hear me? Leela: Duuuh. Frys mind: Oh man, shes whacked out. I sure hope this works (he
concentrates on his love). Leela (noticing her body begins to move by itself): Oooh. Leela moving. Leela go for ride! She walks over to the hover dollies and loads them with the 3 crates. Leela: Weeeee! Frys mind: Oh boy, shes really out of it. It reminds me so much of that
time… (he begins to think about the events in The day the earth stood
stupid)Leela suddenly drops to the ground, Frys attention apparently distracted. Leela: Aww, no more ride for Leela? Leela go make own ride! Leela begins to run around wailing like a fire truck. Fry snaps out of his
flashback, cursing his short attention span. Frys mind: Dammit! I spaced out. Leela? Leela!? Leela: Oooo, no fire to put out! Maybe Leela MAKE fire!? (She pulls out her
laser gun she forgot to put away before going out)Frys mind: Oh my GOD! Shes found her gun! Concentrate fry, CONCENTRATE
DAMMIT! Frys face is becoming red and his body is sweat profusely from the extreme
effort. Leela (noticing her hand about to drop the gun): What? No fire? NO FAIR! (She begins to counter Frys remote mind control)Frys mind: Unnngghhh… No… Dont do this
Leela….. please……….. plea.. se… …to be continued!

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Cover for the XXX (and this is not 30) season of “Futurama”

Futurama Cartoon Porn

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Crazy XXX Hentai orgy of the Futurama Chars

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Nice picture of nude and slutty Amy Wong from “Futurama”

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Leela Turanga from “Futurama” looks very seductive in that sexy red dress

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lela receives a very physical medical exam from doctor zoidberg in the hot Futurama sex scene

Futurama Porn

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